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The Storm….

“The Storm” – What to expect (from r/CBTS_Stream)

The FED is going to end during The Storm, and there is going to be a new currency system put in place in America – gold backed again
In order for the new system to be installed, the old system had to be neutralized and safeguards put in place.
The stock market doing its funny business a few weeks ago was just the cabal taking all their money out of it. This was by design and at the orders of the white hats and Trump, as they wanted to prevent the cabal from having any type of influence over it
As everyone has been patiently waiting (well most of us), the white hats have been implementing the new currency system, arresting all the corrupt bankers (there are tons), working with countries like China, Russia, Germany, etc, to get on board with the new currency and exchange rates, and make sure everyone is on board and ready for this. The cutting the strings of the Central Banks didnt just involve America, it involved breaking their hold EVERYWHERE, as this is truly the only way it can be done.
This HAD to be done before the arrests and indictments and public disclosures began. This was not about doing it the way WE wanted, but the correct way, the way it HAD to be done, for the sake of humankind
the arrests of all the big names we want have to wait until the indictments are unsealed (due process, much less trying to avoid looking like a power abusing dictator)
that being said, the Inspector General report will blow the lid off everything and will force the unsealing of alot of indictments…its coming soon
the white hats needed to neutralize the cabal and take away their threat, before moving forward with the arrests, etc.
the cabal is neutralized.
signing a third EO was the final step. It’s an EO that makes our new currency system official. It could not be signed until cabal was neutralized, as they could’ve infiltrated it and hurt it.
the EO was secretly signed the night of 2/28 – morning of 3/1 *Trump tweeting and introducing IG M Horowitz, saying he is an Obama guy, and “attacking” Sessions was not random, and not without purpose
Trump announcing he is running for re-election in 2020 (earliest a POTUS has ever done that) was also very purposeful and intentional
Notice Trump the past week or so, reiterating all the stats such as trade is the best ever, unemployement low, manufacturing is high, jobless claims low, consumer confidence high, etc. – he is doing this to create confidence in our country because of what’s about to happen
so the thing with this new currency system is that the stock market will have to crash for it to go into effect. This is very important, and if this is the only takeaway from my post, this needs to be it. The stock market is going to go down…not to 0, but probably enough to scare alot of people. This is by design, and at the discretion of the white hats, although they cant tell you this. Please please please don’t panic and freak out, this is the single greatest fear of the white hats. This is SUPPOSED to happen, and WILL happen. But it will come back up and will be fixed. It’s a necessary part of the storm, and other leaders of other countries have been briefed on this, and know to expect it, as it will happen in their countries too, not just USA.
Also, stop worrying about the midterms lol. You think Trump doesnt have a plan? You think he went through all this trouble of saving planet Earth just to lose the midterms?! The Democratic party might not even exist in 8 months. Or it might be similar to the Nazi Party in that people are ashamed to acknowledge they even support it. Alot is going to happen between now and then, and its more than you’ve ever seen in a history book. We might not even recognize our own country in 8 months.
trust the timing of everything. There is a reason the IG report is not out yet. There is a reason it will happen exactly when it happens. Many things behind the scenes you could not possibly ever know or understand had to happen first. Neutralizing the most powerful and most rich deeply connected people in the world isn’t as easy as just arresting them.
no, Trump doesnt want to fire Mueller, or Rosenstein, or Sessions, or Horowitz, etc. Don’t fall for the meaningless breaking news traps. No Trump will not get in trouble for Russia collusion, because he didnt collude with Russia.
Also important. During The Storm there will be a push to impeach Trump stronger than you’ve ever seen. It will be a blitzkrieg. He will be called Hitler, a dictator, abusing his power, weaponizing the DOJ, etc. Millenials will riot, NGs will intervene, you will find yourself scared for Trump and scared the truth won’t get seen, but it will. After everything calms down and clears, people will see what happened, and Trump won’t look like the bad guy. I’m just telling you this now because its coming…so expect it. Things will get worse before they get better. To reiterate: Don’t get scared that Trump will get impeached…he wont. The push will be stronger than you’ve ever seen. That is expected. Trump and white hats know it’s coming, and know how to counter. It will all play out.
the Democrats, and some Republicans, will be in full denail mode. Let them be. Don’t waste time trying to “redpill” them, or trying to “show them the truth and light”. Give them some time to process it all, and slowly make their minds up, then when they are open to talking, redpill them when they will be receptive to it. It’s not easy. People they have put their whole heart into will end up breaking their hearts and their trust. Their entire identity will be lost, as they will scramble to try and hold on to these people who legacys are getting torn apart before their very eyes. If anything, feel bad for them. They got taken advantage of by the media, and by politicians using their emotions to manipulate.
The Storm is happening this month. March is the month. It might get ugly, I mean, we might even lose facebook and stuff temporarily, I dont even know, but just remember its short lived. Things will get better, but something of this magnitude is going to be messy…its not as easy as just flicking a switch.
one final thing. Just remember, this isnt left vs right, or red vs blue, this is America vs the outside forces trying to destroy us. The Fed has existed for 105 years, and our currency system for 150 years. The hooks have been in us for a loooong time. What is about to happen in this country, NOBODY has ever witnessed before. Even way before we were born. This IS history.


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I ask you to please show this list to as many people as possible – and especially, to please show it to as many Obama supporters as possible. Sunshine really is the best disinfectant. I can’t stop Obama from doing any of these horrible things, but I can tell people about what he is doing. So please share this list with others on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thank you. The short link for this is

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I believe this whole False Rapture Alien talk is THE diversion and the strong delusion { THAT GOD HIMSELF WILL SEND BECAUSE OF THEIR REBELLION! – God said that }. I believe that it is the ruse of Satan himself to rattle the last-days Believers; I believe it is the trick he will be using to explain away the true Rapture. For 1990 years, the world, the churches in general, have preached and have talked about the return of Jesus Christ coming for HIS Saints and to take them to Heaven… The Hope of the world; The Gospel of Redemption for the whole world. For the last 10, even say 20 years, this theory of the False Rapture is now emerging and gaining steam. The only one into advancing this trash and tricking people is Satan. Jesus said that the Gospel of Grace is so simple that a child can understand it. God is pure. God is true. He is not a God of deceit. He is not a God of Lies. He would not put Hope into His Word….and raise up a 2000-year army of preachers and pastors and teachers and priests and apostles, only to have His Children squirming to attain it. He said if you abide in ME, I will abide in you, and I, in no wise will cast you out. He said I will deposit my Holy Spirit into you as a Deposit of Guarantee of the Whole Measure that you SHALL receive, when I come into My Glory. He said you shall be Complete even as I AM Complete.  He said I DID ALL THE SUFFERING; I SPILLED ALL MY HOLY BLOOD! Of what effect is our sin-tainted blood coming from the Wrath of God thereafter? He is not bringing us back from the edge of the pit, just to push us off a higher cliff; He is the God of Hope, and Justice, and Mercy, and Longsuffering, for every available soul in creation; He isn’t the circus clown with the two way mirrors; He isn’t the beggar on the street extending an empty cup for us to scoop out empty Promises. God said that we can stand on His promises:  That His own will Not suffer the Wrath of HIS Indignation! He said I have reserved it for my Enemies! His Blood-bought-fully-paid-price-Children are Not His enemies! He will crawl through broken glass, and walk through a pool of iodine to receive to Himself even one who repents and says “I am sorry Daddy” in the weakest of utterances…. And finally, if He showed His saving Mercy to the thief on the cross who knew nothing of the Gospel, in the final Hour; how much more Mercy will He extend to us that Believe and strive to get it right in these Last Days? That’s the power of the Living God. You can take it to the bank: We are going Home FIRST;….the unbelievers still have some time to choose.

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