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43 reported tornadoes,17 NWS tornado warning zones : ENTIRE TOWNS GONE!

And You Think We Just Might Be Entering A Period of JUDGEMENT Folks?!…Go Back and Read about Pharoah Who Kept Resisting God….the sad part;,…this is the light stuff.

watch the video here:



Multiple towns WIPED OFF THE MAP !  17 OFFICIAL national weather service Tornado WARNING areas… and 43 reported tornadoes so far today — and we haven’t even seen the storm reach the east coast!

Indiana town wiped off the map:

A dozen or more states are in the path of this outbreak…. be prepared if you live or know someone who lives in :

Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and New england…  TORNADOES are on the ground in each southern state heading east northeast towards the general direction of New York City, Washington DC and Richmond VA.


watch tornado chasers live in their cars as this system moves eastward:

watch large cities like NYC — here is a live webcam:
link to all the systems…

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