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Obama’s LGBT Military Manipulation Machine: Stacking The Numbers Again.

FROM WND: See complete story here:   Bill lets chaplains hold biblical view of ‘gays’  

CMR Exposes The Manipulation That You Don’t Hear About.

.”…..The Center for Military Readiness was the group that revealed the government manipulated data to suggest that most members of the armed forces thought the change to allow open homosexuality would impact either neutrally or positively.

CMR President Elaine Donnelly uncovered an inspector general’s report marked “For Official Use Only” that describes how numbers apparently were leaked to the media to support a statement that “70 percent” of the nation’s military members believe change would have either “a neutral or positive impact on unit cohesion, readiness, effectiveness and morale.”

However, the IG, in documents uncovered by Donnelly, revealed the actual figures for military members were: those who believed the change would impact units “very positively” (6.6 percent), “positively” (11.8 percent), “mixed” (32.1 percent), “negatively” (18.7 percent), “very negatively” (10.9 percent) and “no effect” (19.9 percent).

The only way the 70 percent figure can be reached is to combine “very positively,” “positively,” “mixed” and “no effect.” But this combination counts people with “neutral positions” as favoring the change, Donnelly argued.

Donnelly explained that taking the same figures and lumping them on the other side with “negatively” and “very negatively” would produce a total of almost 82 percent of soldiers who believe the results of the change would be “negative or neutral.”……..

(NOW!….See How These Law Abiding Dutiful American’s Are Being Duped Again and Again With Fabricated Stories Sold To The “Like-Lambs-To-The-Slaughter-Main-Stream-Media Propaganda Machine?”. God Forbid That the Government Gets Control Of Your Internet,…You’ll Be So In The Dark That A Visit To A Black Hole Will Be Like Midday At The Beach!)


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