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Our Strange New World: Missile Sites Across London During Olympic Games.

The Age of The Greatest Depression Is Here. And We Are Just Getting Started

Famed Predictor of the DotCom Crash and The Housing Crash Calls It Again.

Priest Suicide – Greek Tragedy

You Know Something Is Deeply Wrong When A National Austerity Usurps The Access To The
Throne of God.

Aggressive LGBT Christian Bashing…Who Let The ‘Bully’-Dogs OUT?…and ‘It’ Doesn’t ‘Get’ Any ‘Better’!

AS PROPHECIED…Here Begins The Uptick In LGBT Community Agenda :  (Advance the video to about 0:58:30 for this specific comment…although the whole speaking session is tremendous)

And Here For The Full Fox Article:

The Understated Peril. A Looming Economic Catastrophe.

AGGH....I Can't Bare To Look At The Bank Statement! 













U.S. Airbase, Check; Airmen, Check; Aircraft, Check; No Gideon Bible, Check; A-theist Approved, Check!

The Eroding Of The Foundations. If Your Military Kicks Out God, Guess Who Is Coming In For Dinner.

New Age ‘Sun’ Worship Not Effective Like The ‘Son’ Worship. Jesus Would Have Sent Her A Raven Atleast!

SUN or SON? Kings+17:6 – 6And the ravens brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening; and he drank of the brook.

Sid Roth Get’s People Talking… The Absolute Best Anti-Deception Interview! Got Jesus Yet?…or The Alien’s Ruse?

EPA Gladiators:The Old Roman Way.

Well, Like We Are Not Surprised. Who Needs Islamic Jihadist Enemies When The EPA Rules The Soil?!…..

While The Country Suffers The Crucifying Impact Of “Don’t Touch My Tree Environmental Nonsense”, The Populace Is Being Forced-Fed At The Pumps Into Paying For Imported Domestic Revenue-Depleting Energy Solutions; And The Falsified MSM-Fed Oil-Scarcity Drum Beat Continues To Pump Up The EPA-Led Environmental Activism. And Thus, The EPA Gladiators Don Their Gear And Nail To The Cross Another Round Of Domestic GDP-Producing, Job-Creating, $2.50/Gallon-At-The-Pump-Save-Our-Economy Energy Oil Strikes!

The Biggest and Most Dangerous WHY? In America.

Why Is Your Government Still Sleeping With The Enemies Of The State?

GAFFNEY: Losing the jihadists’ war on America – Washington Times.

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