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Hope and Change? With Oil At $7.00/Gallon in California…Don’t Expect Much Change From Your $20!

This Is Quite Stunning. Could Anyone Have Had $7.00/Gal. Gas On Their Radar In America Even Two Years Ago? Massive Changes Are Coming….But Not Much Hope!


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4 thoughts on “Hope and Change? With Oil At $7.00/Gallon in California…Don’t Expect Much Change From Your $20!

  1. really” Using Catalina Island as an example? Care to pull up some figures for Catalina Island gas prices in may of 2008 towards the end of Bushes term- when gas prices on the mainland of California were higher then they are today? Of for that matter- what the average prices were during Bushs last 3 years?


    • Hi Drugsandotherthings…

      I detect we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum!….but be that as it may, as a post subject, I was using that article more pointedly to call attention to the economic trends evident under Obama’s reign: the price of gas is just the indicator on the dash board…the real disaster is what’s left in the Amercian tank.


      • Be that as it may- I still don’t understand your point.

        Generally speaking presidents have little control over gas prices- the exception possibly being Bush jr, whose two wars, and particularly the war in Iraq were major factors in the almost trippling of gas prices during his terms.

        Maybe read this or this:


      • That’s true….directly. But indirectly, it is the President’s policies that drive the economic well being of a country. That in turn directly affects the value of the dollar. The upticking in gas prices correlates directly with the falling U.S. dollar….thus if someone doesn’t trust your credit worthiness it affects how much bargaining power you have left on the table.

        So as we see, borrowing and borrowing and borrowing TRILLIONS is affecting the credit worthiness of the U.S. Dollar….if no one wants to buy them, it falls. Since Oil is traded worldwide in Dollars…it now requires more and more of the same dollar to buy an equivalent barrel.

        As a Presdident, Obama should step up to the plate and lead like no one in history. Demand and institute an austerity plan to bring the country back into financial order by instituting massive spending cuts across the board, like any corporate board would expect of a CEO to bring some hope and life back into an ailing company.

        Although that is a natural secularists position, speaking spiritually, the theme of this site is to point readers in the direction that ultimately these varied issues are taking place more as an identifying warning system of continued practical judgements coming against the country for its moral decline from the upstanding great nation that it was called to be…

        …The Bible says God will not be mocked. You can’t borrow Daddy’s keys to the car for a “trip to the store”, go out cruising with the boys, and then expect He doesn’t know what you are doing! You’ll pay when you get Home!


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