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The Age of The Greatest Depression Is Here. And We Are Just Getting Started

Famed Predictor of the DotCom Crash and The Housing Crash Calls It Again.

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3 thoughts on “The Age of The Greatest Depression Is Here. And We Are Just Getting Started

  1. True Marsha.

    If ever there was a people who could muster the fortitude and resilience to retake the land it is Americans….but unfortunately there are a few ultra left leaning generals who are not shipping the correct ammunition to the front…..some say it is because they have a secret pact with the enemy!
    A true national sustained prayer vigil with ashes and sackcloth like the ancient Israelite Kings is the supernatural remedy.
    And this is not only for America…if the American economy enters a super depression we are all going to be joining the new national bread lines. And , as prophecied elsewhere, when you see armed guards on bread trucks you know we are there.



  2. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Oh God of Heaven and Earth,
    Please send our Saviour back here for us, and put away with evil in this world.
    In Jesus name,


  3. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Man, you do not have to be a economist to see that we are not climbing out of this low here in America. We will not have any confidence until Obama is defeated in November. Then it will take about a year to do away with Obama care, and do anyway with all the regulations and shut down EPA, which is on the agenda. Maybe not away with it all, but trim it down to size and policies so America can invest and grow again.


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