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Dump Britain. SuperPower Europe. Rise Of A Superman?…Read Your Bible!

“Such a merger would represent a massive shift of power into the hands of a single, unelected bureaucrat. The Government should be taking this far more seriously and voicing its objections very strongly.”

He added: “The holder of this new office would be both Europe’s political and administrative leader, giving them far more powers than those given to the US president.


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2 thoughts on “Dump Britain. SuperPower Europe. Rise Of A Superman?…Read Your Bible!

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Well so goes the men that what to be the supermen, they have to have big ego’s, to be the so called supreme being in control. I don’t look to govenments for answers, they are referred as beast. I will rely on my God and Jesus Christ.

    The only thing I do not like about Mitt Romney, is that he is a Mormon. But he does believe in freedom and the American way. Lower taxes and more jobs. He will repeal Obama Care and stop the EPA from closing down industry that we need so badly again. He will open up Oil drilling again on private lands. I own mineral rights on my grandmothers farm and they are drilling down in that area of Okla. now. I have lease with an oil company and they should be renewing that lease with me soon.

    When I was younger, I work for a company called Altec. Their parent company was in California. but they had a branch here in Okla. They built speakers and still do. From huge speakers for stadiums, to under water speakers, 16 inch wolfer speakers, 5 inch mid-range speakers, and 3 inch twitter speakers. I worked on the lines building them and also worked in the office as the receptionist, in all I worked there 7 years. I can still see building those speakers we did thousands and hundreds a day depending on the size. They shut down the branch in Okla. when the economy started getting worse. But I can tell you they have the best when it comes to speakers, you might pay more, but the quality that goes into those speakers is the best. I have a set for my computer sound.

    There was a Lucent plant that shut down, and serveral others. But it was not all at once. Since then we have Dell Computers here in Okla. City, and we have others that are coming into the state. We weathered the fall, because our State years ago set up a rainy day fund with millions of dollars saved into it now. It helped us get over some of the slump, but we did not feel it so much, and our budget is balanced here all the time. What we do feel is the gas prices, and cost of groceries going up.

    We live on retirement income now, so we have to budget ourselves, and still give our tithes to the Lord. I will start drawing my social security next month, that will be our spending fun money, although I will tithe it also. I always put back savings also. It makes me mad they now call Social Security an entitlement. I worked for 23 years full time jobs to earn that for my retirement. Back 15 years ago the Social Security was in a separate interest being account of it own, and would have continued to support itself. Then some of the Democrates looked how much was there and made it a part of the general fund, and spent the money, saying they would pay it back. Well now it is in trouble and it will have to be changed but it will not affect me or my husband at our age, we will continue to get it. They need to put it back in it’s own interest bearing account and leave it to alone. It is a very touchy subject because we know what they did to it 15 years ago, and it would still be completely solvent if they had not spent the money. It was paying for itself, because the so called baby boomers paided into it and it was solvent. But greedy people that just wanted to pay for this and that ate it up. There will be a rebellion if they try to take the seniors retirement from them. People are living longer and that is not what they planned for. If Obama Care is not repealed, it will put us in the expendable group. Let them die, before they can get an appointment.

    How do you like the Insurance in Canada?



    • Hi Marsha,

      Hello and wishing your husband solid results from his scans…praying for a healing outcome.

      You know Marsha, I once listened to an interview about Nixon, and the then Prime minister of Israel, Golda Mier back at the time of the Yom Kippur War I believe it was. Isreal was in a desperate situation and required some specific armaments that the US refused to send initially. With their backs against the wall and the Arab armies on three or four flanks, she made a late night last ditch call to Nixon to get them released. Now, although he has a tarnished record with Watergate and all but during Nixon’s younger life he recalled his mother, who was a Bible Believing daily praying woman, telling him some words to the effect that, one day he was going to be in a tremedous position of power and required to make a significant decision regarding the fate of Israel…and from that recollection, signed the authorization for the military to ship what they needed….and as they say, it turned the tide of the battle and Israel is still with us.

      So, the point is, we all agree that there are some folks in positions of leadership that really rock our boat, and when we look at who else is on deck, we again grit our teeth about the unknown. But God always seems to know who is on deck, and why they are in that position, at exactly the right time and place.

      I agree there are some aweful things going on in America, and elsewhere for that matter, but politically speaking Romney is about the best hope. As we know, even Mormons whom are not considered in the traditional vein of Holy Trintity Christianty, can have a move of the Spirit come over them and be changed too!…I think that would be more probable possibilty than Oboma (who is a Muslim…I watched him say it on an Arab interview…..”my muslim faith…”)

      Altec-Lansing…yes I have those speakers!….good products!

      I believe Oklahoma is one of the anchors for the Bible-belt….God will preserve you….but it is as you know the general sin across the land that is bringing all the destruction. You seem to have a close knot family so that is a big security for you as well.
      The national debt is very troubling….so be very wise going through the balance of the year. Start stockpiling now all your basics, and assemble some cash and retain access to some rural land and make sure you pool your resources to own it outright (no notes or mortgaes). Get rid of any consumer debt you might have. Build up a stock of consumables that will be in demand once the economy takes a dive.
      Even if we have to endure a year or more (if the Lord tarrys), we will statr to see the beginnings and early edges of a coming tribulation period. Many discussions are talking about a sort of prewar period (a war before the Armegeddon war). I hate to consider it, but there is the possiblity that we might experience this first war or atleast the build up skirmishes etc.. Then comes the false peace and so on.

      Here in Canada (Ontario region) is very heavy in the industrial and agricultural backbone sectors. Relatively speaking the cost of living is more expensive, but earnings are high too. The general economy is steady, and there are many large projects underway. I own a development company involved in housing and commercial development, and soon a new hotel project.

      Insurance is high for those on fixed incomes. But if you are working or in business it is a business expense…and like anywhere else you get what you pay for, and insurance companies dont want to pay out more than they need to.
      If you are young, with a red Corvette, and live in a major urban center….you better get two jobs! Fuel is getting rediculous..pushing $6/gallon recently.

      There is a national medical system in place which has pros and cons and I utilized it for one hernia surgery several years ago, so found it to be finan (cially beneficial…(no bills when I walked out)…but I don’t count on it…I focus on health day to day as my own responsibility. Private practices abound if you have the means to pay.

      Economies are like a rising tide….what happens in the U.S. translates accross the border. The differences is the dollar. That is the most serious issue. As the U.S. dollar looses ground, it makes it more expensive for Canadian goods to go to US markets….and as well, more expensive for US travellers to travel and spend in Canada. At par dollars are the best, but any hugh spread will cause a lot of problems. …And if any of the prophecies I have review recently are any indication,…well, we better stock up on potatos!

      Bless you



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