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And It’s Only May!…How Many Dominoes Will Fall In June?!

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Greece is on the verge of economic collapse and civil war, according to top leaders inside Greece and the European Union. Decisions made by Greek leaders and the Greek public in the coming days and weeks could lead to catastrophic results. What’s more, experts are worried the economic and social contagion unleashed by a Greek implosion, should it happen, could spread throughout the European Union, the U.S., and around the world in our highly interdependent global economy.  

Greece is staggering under a crushing amount of public debt. The politicians and the public is addicted to runaway government spending. But the Greek public is resisting the massive budget cuts and other reforms needed to avoid an implosion. It is resisting the reforms the EU leadership is requiring in order for Greece to receive new infusions of EU emergency funding and access to emergency loans. Greek leaders are, instead, seriously considering quitting the Eurozone system in order to avoid the austerity measures…

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