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The LGBT Reverse Hate Agenda : Force Businesses To Comply Or Close….” Gay Rights Group Petitions Against Chick-Fil-A, Plans ‘Kiss-In’ …”


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5 thoughts on “The LGBT Reverse Hate Agenda : Force Businesses To Comply Or Close….” Gay Rights Group Petitions Against Chick-Fil-A, Plans ‘Kiss-In’ …”

  1. Tony Puccio on said:

    Let’s not forget to be praying for God’s mercy.


    • Thanks Tony…

      This is like a full frontal LGBT assault on anything moraly decent. I mean what kind of leaders are serving the country when they come out with statements like this:

      “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared in a statement to Fox News. “They disrespect our fellow neighbors, residents and family members.”

      Mercy is in great need about now…and much more soon as this deroding of society gains ground.



  2. Marsha on said:

    All I have to say is go, go all the way Chick-Fil-A, stay the course and fight for the families. I want all Christians to go to Chick-Fil-A on August 1st, I guarantee that we will go. Marsha


    • Jerry on said:

      God is Listening to the Homophobic people who HATE. Yet Talk about God is a God of Love, they are hiprocites. And Revelations says He stewed them out of His Mouth because they were luke warm. They Do Not Pratice What they Preach


      • Jerry,

        Thank you for your comments. I believe however there should be some clarity to the contexts of your reply.

        The same ‘God of Love’ often written or spoken of is not a God of Carte Blanche. That describes only one element of his Attributes. Just as you and I and all others have the capacity for love, anger, joy, jealousy, wrath, mercy , compassion and justice, the God of Love is equally described in the Bible as a God of Justice, Judgement and even Wrath .

        God’s code of ethics, as it were, in essence says, even though I love man whom I created, I will not forever tolerate unrepented sin. Not the persons themselves, but the act and behavior of the homosexual lifestyle that is engaged in and promoted is considered an abomination to God, and this is the activities’, among others, that God says he will bring Judgement and eventually Wrath, if men do not put away such lifestyles.

        Regarding Revelation. The whole context of this matter relates specifically to the condition of a general statement referring to the last days (a period of time generally accepted as these last 2000 year period: The Church Age) Church (a universal group of last days worshippers so to speak). Jesus is speaking in this passage and expressing his displeasure with the church body of Believers as a whole, saying in effect,: you guys say you believe in Me, you sometimes go to church, you can’t wait to go to the restaurant, your tip to the waitress is more than you left in the offering plate, you wear clothes like a Hollywood call girl, you party with you unsaved friends Monday to Saturday, and wear a cross around your neck and say you are one of my followers. Well you must not have opened your Bible of late, because that doesn’t describe those whom I identify as a true Believer.. You’re half in and half out. I’m disgusted.



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