Heaven and Earth and the Love of God

Judgement America,…And Others: Sin Now Becoming “Legalized Abominations”!

Sins of The Fathers. What’s Sin Got To Do With It!? Apparently, Everything!

This’ll knock you right between your eyes; and if not, your might check out the “Depraved” Category.


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2 thoughts on “Judgement America,…And Others: Sin Now Becoming “Legalized Abominations”!

  1. Marsha on said:

    Wow, what a message, I have been saying this to my husband also. We are a kind of spiritual Israel and the Lord let me know this just this year. We have had fires, bad storms that caused so much damage in the upper eastern part on the U. S. and fires in Arizona and Colorado, drought in the middle part of the country, which is where Okla. is. Thank the Lord we got some rain last night in some parts of Okla. We prayed for rain tonight at Wednesday prayer meeting and we are putting our trust in the Lord for it. All countries could be said to be under judgement, right now.


    • It is true and sad to say Marsha,…we are all in the same boat when it comes to the Judgements;, although I believe that due to its special calling by God to spread the Gospel , that just like the calling of a pastor in a church , that America the nation s being held to a higher standard by God. Shamefully scores and scores of repeatedly less and less Godly persons have wormed their ways into the power structures of America and have distorted and polluted the original ways and means of what once was the beacon of hope for millions around the world. Here in Canada I can say socially we don’t have much footing either with all the legalized abortion, prositututiin, drugs, and gay marriage entrenched. And that goes for much of liberalized Europe. And folks wonder about the strange weather and geopolitical issues….?….the earth itself is trying to vomit.!

      I think this next 5 months you will see a new wave of disasters more intense then the first half….I think nationally, we are like the petulant child that is overdue for not just a time out but a spanking.!

      God help us.


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