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Occupiers Have New Leader: 82 Year Old is 57 Year Career Criminal! Blames Government!?


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4 thoughts on “Occupiers Have New Leader: 82 Year Old is 57 Year Career Criminal! Blames Government!?

  1. Hi Gary,
    It is good to hear from you, these people are so stupid. I just finished watching the Republican Convention and it was so good. How are things going in Canada?


    • Hi,

      I followed a lot of it as well. It was very good and very sincere in message and in spirit…there are some good strong believers on the Republican ticket , and even though there has been much debate re doctrine of Mormonism, I believe God can use the willing humble heart of a man like Romney to steer and heal the country….in the end, we all have to give an account before God individually , regardless what we say we believe.

      I saw already yesterday Obama ridicule the whole theme of the convention as being something from the 50’s…saying Romney would take the country backwards…so not surprised,..but to me shows the continued arrogance and disrespect he has for anything anchored in morality, and godly based. These are the comments from a so called leader who will feature the gay lifestyle as a bold and brazen perverted in your face element of his national re-election platform.

      The Bible says quite clearly what time it is when men openly ridicule demonize good things …and openly praise evil and perverted things.

      God bless you and your countrymen vervent prayers for the Believers in America to come out enmass this November and have a shot to save America … Romney Ryan is the last hope. If Obama wins, it will only be by the apathy of Believers not voting. His policies are very dangerous….and I often doubt his view of the future would line up with Gods view.



      • Hi,
        I know, please pray for us and ask you church to pray for us. “We need praying for all us and get Obama out from our president “. Marsha


  2. Hi,
    Some people are so sick with lies, it just makes me sick….Marsha
    She should be put away for life.


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