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IRANIAN Leadership: ” The Apocalyptic, Suicidal Death Cult ….” Please Read While You Put On Your Flack Jackets.

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4 thoughts on “IRANIAN Leadership: ” The Apocalyptic, Suicidal Death Cult ….” Please Read While You Put On Your Flack Jackets.

  1. Hi Gary,
    They are looking for the twelth Imadi, he is coming, but it will be the anti-christ not some Imadi, and they will worship the false christ until he starts killing them and then they will cry out for help and it will not be there. We will be gone by then….taken up to the Lord Jesus.
    Good to hear from you…


    • You commented on this before Gary, however, I felt led to post this dream again because the time is short.

      I had a dream, 05/24/2012, and in the dream, I saw Jesus standing with a winnowing fork in His hand. A winnowing fork is what is used to separate the wheat from the chaff like John the Baptist describes in Matthew 3:12 and Luke 3:17. However, in this case I did not get the sense in the dream that this had to do with final judgment bur rather had to do with who would be taken and who would be left behind. I saw in the dream the rapture occurring and I saw people in two’s as is described in Matthew 24:40-41 where it talks of two men in the field, one taken and one left and two women with a hand-mill, one taken and the other left. In the very next verse Jesus gives a warning that must be heeded by all which is to be watchful because you do not know the day not the hour of the Lord’s return, As I previously stated, I saw people in two’s as the rapture occurred and as the ones being taken began to ascend towards heaven, those being left behind grabbed onto their shoes, I saw tennis shoes on those being taken and am not quite sure of the meaning, because they knew what was happening and that they were being left behind. The last thing that I heard was Luke 21:36 being quoted, ” WATCH THEREFORE AND PRAY ALWAYS THAT YOU MAY BE COUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS THAT WILL COME TO PASS, AND TO STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN.”


      • Hi Tony, Yes I remember that one….and thanks for the elbow in the side reminder….”that you may be counted worthy to escape”: Not the season to be arrogant in the faith!…


    • Hi Marsha,

      Been away on the road out west for most of last two weeks… only few minutes to scan the airwaves, but the ominus news stories don’t stop. If your read the Bible and read the newspapers, it can be unnerving…especially for an unBeliever…they have no hope!


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