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Obama: Missing in Action & The Real Emergency

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3 thoughts on “Obama: Missing in Action & The Real Emergency

  1. I am so tired bye…Marsha


    • PalomaGenios on said:

      Hi Marsha,

      You are a trooper. We all just shake our collective head at the things that are going on…it’s like a bad Vaudville show from the 20’s that you are stuck in the seat till the curtain drops!

      Please God that Romney takes the helm,…but even at that he has a tremendous amoun of damage to undo, and as we know, it is more about the damage and sin of society than himself or even his faith, Unless the people collectively repent massively and sincerely, Romney will be like someone trying to shovel the mountain away with a stick instead of a steam shovel.


  2. Hi Gary,
    It is funny that everyone know, that our president lie to us. It was not video, it was striker. He is so stupid it he think we are blinds. I will glad when we vote, and get him out….
    Sincerely, Marsha


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