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IT’S BEING EYED AS A ‘PERFECT STORM,’ a collision of two arctic air masses with Hurricane Sandy early next week that experts say could pummel the East Coast and cause more damage than any storm on record. (foxnews)

Prophetically Perfect?

The storm was prophetically described in the January 14 video of this year by John Paul Jackson    Powerful…watch it all.

See News Article Here:


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5 thoughts on “IT’S BEING EYED AS A ‘PERFECT STORM,’ a collision of two arctic air masses with Hurricane Sandy early next week that experts say could pummel the East Coast and cause more damage than any storm on record. (foxnews)

  1. Hi Gary,
    Yes it will happen and just when the voting is needed to out Obama. So pray for our America, the Lord is passing judgement.


  2. Marsha Barnes on said:

    How are things going, have you found a house yet? I have been praying that your move would go smoothly, and that your family is all settled soon. It was good to hear from you, Marsha

    On Fri, Oct 26, 2012 at 9:16 PM, PalomaGenios


  3. Hi Gary,
    I have heard this video of Jackson before and we have stored some food products, I am currently stocking up on hygiene products including toilet paper, ha. But there are some things I really need, but I have used magazine paper before at my grand parents farm in the outhouse. Not to many people remember them, but I do from a young age. I always thought it was so strange that the toilet and basin and bathtub were in their house, but they always had to use the well off the back porch. We drew water and heated it to bath in. After my grandfather passed away, grandma had a pump put into it and finally had running water. But we used it sparingly during the dry season. I remember all the son’s and son in laws digging new holes for the outhouse from time to time at Easter when we were all there. I could write a book on so many things my grandma taught me and my mother. I came from a generation that knows how to survive, I have canned food before and plan to start doing it again. I am ordering seeds so I can have a garden next year, that is if the Lord has not come to get us yet. But I was taught to prepare for the worse and be thankful if I did not have to use it.
    What we really need to do is get on our knees and pray to God to change this country and our hearts back on Him for all our needs. We need to repent of our complacency. We are so caught up in this technology stuff and have made it our god. We have been duped by Satan, he is distracting us with all this new stuff. How many hours do we spend on the computer, I pods, tablets, TV, and all the other stuff? ( How many hours do we spend in His word?) We need to put God first in our life and He will respond to us, we need actually to cry out in repentance.
    Our sermons have been watered down, I remember fire and brimstone preachers that made a bigger impression on me when I was young. But oh no, it might offend someone today. We need bible pounding preachers again to wake the sleeping saved and get us back to work for Him.

    Well I will stop preaching and just say, it was good to hear from you and I hope you have found a house by now…Stay in touch,


    • Hi Marsha,

      I remember all the same apparatus when I was very young at my grandparents house !….

      Unfortunately , what appears to be happening from my perspective is that a winepress of sorts is now being applied across the nation and nations….and gets twisted harder on the most disobedient…in the form of God ever so reluctantly lift his hand of Grace over the country allowing more and more demonic activity to arise out of the pit.. Things will get progressively tougher on all fronts of living ….could be months , could be over severals of years , whereby people may be on the verge of giving up hope for the world…thus making conditions ripe for a false Messiah to appear….somewhere in the midst of all this chaos Jesus will return unexpectedly….and then all bets are off for the rest world for a while…..(God forgive me if I miss-read his appearing)

      My wife and daughter are now situated in Calgary , and I am commuting once a month as my work and projects in Ontario are not concluded….just got back wed, and traveling again mid November.

      Calgary is like Oklahoma, oil and cattle country….but as they are in the foothills of the Rockies, they already got the first wallop of snow!…lovely if you ski!

      Blessings to you,…God be with the country of the United States on Nov 6…I believe with Romney there is at least a sincere acknowledgement of a living biblical God who dishes out consequences, so the true Son can possibly reach him someway….if Obama gets back in, I shudder to imagine what the US society will look like in 2016.!


      • Hi Gary,
        I know it is hard being apart from your family, I hope you can move back with them soon. Have you started anything in Calgary as far as business? I do not doubt the Lord will help you, stay in His will and everything will be ok. Yes we have cattle and oil here, and if Romney wins, more drilling for gas, oil and natural gas. I have mineral rights on my grand parents land and a company has paid me to lease it from me. Their two years are almost up. they have the option for 2 more years, if they want to pay me more on the lease. We know there is gas and oil under the land, they tested for it many years ago. It is just that it is down at the edge of Okla.,. Texas. My grandparents wear farmers and had a small dairy also. They had 380 acres and two pond on the land. So I am hoping they drill soon. But the Lord has blessed us with a nice retirement income, we live comfortable. We are planning a deer hunt this November, with my cousin Chris West. He is a Okla. Highway Patrolman and is a supervisor over Central Okla. We have always been close and we saw him at WalMart yesterday, he always hugs me up so close. He is 6′ 3″ tall and a pretty big guy, well toned. But he has a good heart and he is a Christian. His wife Kelly is a nurse. I am hopeful for the election, and please pray for us as we go to the polls on Nov. 6th.

        God Bless you, stay in touch, Marsha


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