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“MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE?”…signed, GOD!….EXPERT WARNS HURRICANE SANDY IS A “MONSTER,” “BEHEMOTH” STORM: Is God about to shake us again? | Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog


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4 thoughts on ““MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE?”…signed, GOD!….EXPERT WARNS HURRICANE SANDY IS A “MONSTER,” “BEHEMOTH” STORM: Is God about to shake us again? | Joel C. Rosenberg’s Blog

  1. Marsha on said:

    Hi Gary,
    I know it is 800 miles across, it is wide and will hit the cold storm coming. It will destructive so bad, we need to praying for those people and hope no one will get will hurt. They called in the National Guard Military already. So many people hit the grocery stores to get food and water, and stay on home. Stock Business in not going open tomorrow, and all the Firemen are ready for emergencies, and the hospital are opening. It could snow 2 feet, and that will stop everything for a few days. That cold front just went through here on Wednesday, it was a dry front here with high winds for three days. We had freezing temperature last night and ice on our yard this morning. We usually don’t get freezing temperature here until the end of November going into December. Out hardest winter is in Jan, Feb. and March. By the end March it starts warming here, then we watch for tornado’s storms. Oklahoma has had 13 inches of snow back in 1995, it look like Little Switzerland, we had snow from our roof to the yard, and nothing moved here for 2 days until they could get the roads cleaned a little. We have in the past had 4 inches of ice that broke the limbs out of the trees, and then on top of that 4 -5 inches of snow, that lasted for 45 days. That was a record for here. I just have a feeling we are in for that this year too. Last year it hardly got below 30 degrees here with only 1 week of lower temperatures, but it has changed again and the earth is cycling again, so we might have White Christmas this year. Well, we will be able to go vote, but it may be problem for those in states that get hit with this storm. They may have to vote later in a special election when the weather it better. I can tell you that when this cold front hits this storm, it will so bad. This cold front is a stronger for this time of year and will make a big impact. We normally only get 3-4 snow a year here and it melts in between. But we could have another record like in 1985. I had to leave work early, and it took me 1 hr. to go 2 miles to get home. It blew snow over the streets and you could not see the roads, and it was adding up quickly. Well, I just hope the Lord will be with those people getting hit with this storm.



  2. A Dream About A Coming Storm

    I had a dream 9/8/2010 about a large storm that was out in the
    Atlantic ocean and it was just sitting there, not moving at all. Then
    I saw a man standing on the state of Florida and he was holding in his
    hands a pair of the red tipped flash lights that the guys on the
    tarmac use to guide the jets in and he was signaling to the storm to
    come towards him.


    • Hi Tony…

      And thanks for that dream comment…it appears the jets are about to reach the gate….let’s pray they are not full of grim reapers!….

      ….but from my own personal experience with two hurrincanes in Florida….this looks like it has the potential to become a hovering buzzsaw over the eastern seaboard….as if Washington wasn’t in disarray enough!



  3. Marsha on said:

    Hi, that is true, we had hotter famine this summer and last year, and now hurricane so strong to hit East USA and go up to York and Washington, and it may snow two feet. The news said all those states have warned emergency, trying to get the people ready. Yes, the Lord is trying to get all us repentance. But the problem, the coast West and East and South, are liberals, and do not know our Lords. They are poor and use the US, to feed them and help them. I think the Lord is helping. Now I help people if they are trying to job too. But to just give it to them, it is not right. But Obama has not helped us for jobs, he has sent his money to China, and then try to hit Romney for his interested. The Lord will give Judgement until people repent. I think New Orleans was hit to clean that sinners. Then we have rain at upper East this summer flood at up coast. We need to wake up, if we think this is bad, just wait a little while, it will get worse. But I will wait for the Lord, He is the only one that can make things right. The Lord is trying to warn all us earth.

    In the Lord,


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