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…“Obama seems to be a nice man, and that is precisely the problem,…”

Who Is The Wolf Now!?

This Guy Might Be Right After All…Just Who Is The Big Bad Wolf?!


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2 thoughts on “…“Obama seems to be a nice man, and that is precisely the problem,…”

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Gary,
    Florida just this week, filed an indictment against the whole staff of Obama, for releasing vital information about the military. This indictment was filed this week, so just wait and see what happens.



    • Hi Marsha…

      Took me a few days to shake off the shock of the election.!…I couldn’t believe that still 50.02% of the people still think he’s the go to guy!?…

      I know Romney had some distractions , but I believe he is trustworthy to redirect the country.

      The Imams, and Mullahs and Muslim Brotherhoods must be rolling in the sand by this week…

      Batten down the hatches for the next four years….God save America.


      Just finishing up my Walmart project in Toronto ,….I am travelling again to Calgary Tuesday for a week…no snow here , but looks like they are ready for skiers now.!

      Bless you, keep an eye on your preparations as I detect some financial rough waters ahead …possibly notable before end of the year , but almost certainly by 2nd quarter 2013….$16Trillion and growing?,… with the same chef in the kitchen!?…doesnt smell like a good meal.

      I am amazed how our regular Main Stream Media gives him a pass on almost everything that should be shocking and outrageous!?…but that is the product of ultra liberalism.

      Christian morality is about to get pushed more and more into a marginalized box of socitey.


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