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C’mon Down. You’re The Next Contestant On…’The Christ Is Right’!

Seriously Though…Very Clear Word From The Lord. Be Sober. Be Wise. We Are In and Further Entering A Dark and Deceptively Dangerous Period.

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3 thoughts on “C’mon Down. You’re The Next Contestant On…’The Christ Is Right’!

  1. Marsha on said:

    What we have been seeing is just the beginning of things to come. High watch weekend this week. Hanukkah the “Last Trump” festival for this year, ending the Jewish year and starting the new year. Just a reminder to keep watching for He wants us to be ready.
    Sincerely in Love,


    • Thank you….May none of us be deceived.

      I will be flying to Calgary on Friday for 18 days with family.

      Card in the mail for you.

      Be safe and aware….much could transpire .


    • Marsha,

      How have you been these past few weeks?….have not seen you as active online, so just a note of well wishes to you. I am out west for chri Christmas,…sent you a card last week.

      As we have recently discussed and communicated previously, the rise in evil was almost unbareable last Friday as I was landing to se/ hug my daughter age 6 after more than three weeks away, the carnage was unfolding in CT with 20 her age plus and minus. I can truly say that I cried to be putting myself in the shoes of those parents. It is absolutely truly demonic what has and is happening.

      I just happened across a very sobering audio prophecy from God to a lady named Annie Grace and I reposted on my blog site. It really says it all. It starts in America, but surely it will not end there…..

      If the Lord tarries, we will talk again…if not , and I am found worthy, we’ll see you in the clouds! God bless you for all that you do. May you have a peaceful Christmas with your family and be prepared for the next round of shakings in 2013.




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