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Hymm: “…Oh Lord, How I Want To Be In That Number…”Gives Whole New Sense of Urgency!

Lets Heed The Message, But I Pray The Numerical Interpretation From Korean To English Is A Typo Of Biblical Proportions!


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2 thoughts on “Hymm: “…Oh Lord, How I Want To Be In That Number…”Gives Whole New Sense of Urgency!

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Gary, There are so many predictions and I am not saying they are not true, but the main thing is to be ready. Pray for us, we found out our current preacher is also a mason. Many of the members are concerned and some have tried to tell him how pagan they are, and he refused to listen. For the first time in 63 years all my life we are seeking a new church now. I took him a written statement on the facts of Pike the grand lodge master was also a mystic and in the black arts. I told him my membership would remain at the First Baptist Church unless I sent a written document to remove it. My grand-dad and dad were both mason’s and got out when they learned the truth. I told him of this also. My uncle also left the masons. So my heart is broke, but I will not stay there and listen to his secular messages, and stories. He has only been our pastor for 4 months. But lots of people are leaving and the church may die, and then restart after he leaves. It has almost come to that in the past. I am not beating my own drum, but they all know I have been there all my life and it may come as a shock to them, and when they ask why. I will show them my letter to him, only if they ask me why. I will not be ministered to by a double minded preacher. Also in my letter I put James 1:7,8 Please pray for us as we seek a Godly man to go to another church. If he leaves and we get a Godly person back there, I will go back. Sincerely, Marsha My heart is broken to leave all my friends, but our church in the last 20 years has not really had a man that listens to the Holy Spirit for his messages. We had interim preacher better than what we have now.

    On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 11:59 PM, PalomaGenios


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