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Jesus Is Coming…But So Is The Great Deception!

The Coming World Deception by Tom Horn and Steve Quale with Doug Hagmann

If You Are A Believer, You Know What Is Coming;… If You Are Not, You Won’t Believe What’s Coming!

For The Great Deception Segment [Cues up at 35:55] Click Here Now:

Listen. Be Wise. Do Not Mock. Do Not Scoff. Read Proverbs 29.1

Watch Entire Background Video Here:


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3 thoughts on “Jesus Is Coming…But So Is The Great Deception!

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Gary, I have read some of Tom Horns books, he is so right on.. I truly believe that demons control UFOs and when they finally land, they will deceive many and it is coming pretty soon. If the Vatican says they will welcome alien Messiah’s they are diffidently the church of the Antichrist and even worse, the global church that will deceive many. We need to pray for the Lord’s Imminent Return. I know what I heard that day is true. I am just looking for Him any day now. Sincerely, Marsha P.S. I have been watching my mail for the book you said something about sending to me. On deliverance ministries?

    On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 12:57 AM, PalomaGenios


    • Yes, that one was a little shocking, but really nothing should surprise us at this late hour in the age….there has to be clatclismic chnages in the spirit world and the heavens to bring about the age of the Mellenium….and probably only the devil knows just how final it will become for him and his diabolical band of deceiving angels for the rest of eternity!….

      I left the book in Calgary o the 28th…my wife said she was mailing it to me twice….but I am travelling there on Tuesday and will get it in hand and forward to you.

      God bless us all as we maintain an expectant vigil, and hopefully with plenty of oil.



    • Got back yesterday…have your warfare prayer book copy by Pastor Joseph Dodjro….will send in day or so.
      I understand he is having a deliverance session next week with a group/team of 4 from the US (one from Oklahoma too I think) so my wife has agreed to him that she will go and press in. You will enjoy the book..he really is anointed in this area.




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