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“Everything Is Going To Begin To Change”…J.P.J. – 2012

Reposted Compilation of JPJ Prophetic Visions. Entering 2013, We Can Vividly See The Unfolding Before Our Eyes. There Appears To Be Rough Days Ahead For All, Whether Christ Returns Soon Or Delays His Appearing. The World Will Enter Some Major Upheavals; As Men Still Do Not Repent, God Will Force Men To Their Knees…To Save Them From The Eternal Fires Of Hell.

(See Feb 23, 2012 post entry this site for the awesome full 1-1/2 hour recorded presentation)

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3 thoughts on ““Everything Is Going To Begin To Change”…J.P.J. – 2012

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Gary,

    All this may be true, but it will not only be here in America, it will be world wide, for the Almighty God not only want some of us but all of us to know that He is the God of everything, and all things. It is He and only Him that controls our destiny and future in His hands. Remember how when the Hebrew people were coming out of Egypt? There were events that happen to the Egyptians that did not happen to His chosen. I feel we may see hard times, but I feel He will protect us until He comes for us. We are not appointed to the Wrath to come. The bible mentions in many places, we will be saved from the Wrath of God.

    I believe we may see harder times, that is why I ordered seeds and they came today, not genetically changed seeds. I am taking a lot of flowers and plants out in the backyard and planting food in them as soon as I can and the weather permits. Putting them in my flowerbeds, they will not be so noticeable to others, also we have a 6 foot wooden fence around the back of our home. I also have a Labrador retriever that is a good watch dog. Sam is his name. He lets us know when anyone is around, and will not let them back there without one of us. He stands between me and visitors all the time, he watches over our yard.

    We have just a small amount of bills, and we are putting larger amounts on them to pay them off quicker, and we are not charging anything now. We pay for everything. I have put a lot of canned foods up and will continue to do so. But I trust Him for all our blessing and I am very thankful for what He has done for us over the years. I pray each night for forgiveness of anything that I may have done wrong, and we still spend 2-4 hours each morning studying His word. I praise Him for being our God and for all He has done, and I tell Him we are waiting and watching for Him to come. I ask for protection for us and our family and friends.

    I know all we have will be left behind and that does not bother me at all, it is just stuff, and vanity to hope to keep it all. The main thing we need to concentrate on is Him and His love for us, and trust Him to do what we have been told in the scriptures.

    I don’t know if I will even have time to plant, but if so OK. He said to work until He comes for us, not to be sluggards and depend on others to be there for us, *but to trust Him for all things.* *Our God is the only one and greatest*, there are no other gods before Him.

    I hope all is well with you, and trust you are following His will for you. I think of you often and I also write Joshua, and help him out also. He is only 16 and lives in Malaysia, he ask me questions on the scripture and I help him with it. Sometimes he just needs someone to talk to.

    I hope to hear from you soon and I continue to pray for you and your family.

    Sincerely, in the love of Christ Jesus. Marsha

    On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 11:23 PM, PalomaGenios


    • I agree Marsha….things will be felt all over. I have prepared provisions here mostly to sustain a household for a year. My business opportunities have been miraculosly provided….Although currently listed on the market, I carry two condo mortgages (One has been empty for a year), plus, since September, a third complete housing situation out west for my wife and duaghter, plus been given the financial ability to travel back and forth once amonth on average. God has provided some significant work that has sustained my earning power thus far, and yet I hold on to it all loosely and offer it all up everyday if I am to go a different direction. (I had a $6Million dollar a year business in 2004 in Florida….and lost evrything, and I mean everything, in three months. Long amazing story to tell, but God had to get a re-hold of me somehow I guess….it took a couple of years, but now I see why everything had to come un done). I just today came from a prebid meeting in the city of Toronto for a new Walmart, plus I have a second one that we are putting a package on. Potentially I may be involved with two at the same time! Both projects are one year durations. Thy will be done.
      I have your book…will mail it tomorrow.

      Kind regards and bless you for your prayers and encouragemnts. I have no been on other sites “Jesus Is Lord” in awhile as I just have to many obligations and try to mainatain my blog several times a week to maintain some continuity. I linked it to Twitter now so that may atract other interested readers. I feel it is one small way that I am able to contribute to the awarness that “Something Biblical Is Going On”!…Maybe it will peak an interest and some may look closer at where we are and whats happening around them?



    • Was thinking about you recently Marsha wonder how you’re doing and husbands illness and all. ? Lots of changes here and more to come it seems from all the news.

      Grace to you and your family.


      Gary A Flynn CANADA


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