Heaven and Earth and the Love of God

How Demonically Low Can Man Go?…Do We Know What Time It Is?

What A Famine Will Drive A Man To Do.

While We Eat Our Dinner Everynight And Complain About Politics, This Is Actually Really Happening On The Same Planet. God Help Us/Save Us From Where We Are Headed.


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2 thoughts on “How Demonically Low Can Man Go?…Do We Know What Time It Is?

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    I know, it is just horrible what is happening to so many people all around the world. I just pray that we will have more rain this years. We have been in drought for two years now. We are suppose to have thunder storms tonight and a chance of rain tomorrow. We have gotten more moisture this winter than the last. I feel the tilt of the earth has something to do will it, and only God controls the weather.

    We have been praying for rain. The last time I prayed for our deep under ground aquifers to be filled, and it rain and made the north Canadian river just 3 miles north of us over flow and flood many farms lands. But we had record crops that year. I am praying for that again, not flooding but rain that will come maybe each week this spring to bring us out of drought. You and I are blessed to have large enough countries that can grow our own food, and a government that helps the farmers. All though so many farms are being sold for housing additions now. This community around Yukon, was always a farming community, but the town now a small city, has grown to 28,000 now.

    We need to keep our farm lands or we will go hungry. I *ordered seeds* to plant a garden, I do not trust some of the genetic grown foods, like tomatoes, peppers etc. So I am digging up some flowers and planting food in them instead. We use to grow a quarter of an acre in garden when we had all the kids at home. I have always had a freezer, for peppers, corn, squash, etc. I blanched them and packed them in freezer bags. I also have made jelly before. I know how to can green beans etc. I had a mother and grandmother that taught me how to survive in case of crisis, they went through the great depression back in the 1920’s, so I have learned a lot and will not forget it.

    This year I plan to teach my daughter’s also how to can and make things. We need to pass this ability on to our families. Now the Lord may come tomorrow, or soon, but He said, work until He comes, do not be idle. I wish we still lived out on the acreage, I miss it. God has blessed us and we are not hurting, I just feel the need to teach this and pass it on. Sincerely, Marsha

    On Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 9:46 PM, PalomaGenios


    • Because of Your Faithfulness, God Will Make A Way…but in general, prepare for a long duration of major upheavals….see my next video post and re listen….its happening around us now..”.drought in the United States will affect the south tremedously such that armed guards will be on the delivery trucks…”
      Stay Strong….the roller coaster is moving….


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