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Aliens? Really. You Can’t Fool Us…We’re On To Your Deception.

Don’t Let Satan Pull The Grey Wool Over Your Eyes.

4.0 Earthquake Rattles Central Oklahoma City.

Is God Warning Someone In This Land About ‘Dividing’ His Land?…….

4.0 Earthquake Rattles Central Oklahoma – – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |.

Pandemic Prophecy?

Super Bug Prophecy?

Super Bug Prophecy?

John Paul Jackson Recorded This About One Year Ago….[ Click Link Below – It will self-cue to about 54:30]

Photo – CDC

Transgendered Child? He Is Now A She? At Age 6?!….The Perversion Is Reaching Biblical Proportions. Regarding Children, The Bible Says A Little Something About Offenders Wearing A Millstone Around Their Neck In These Cases…Including “Parents”!

Obama Military Madness. Kinda Like : Let’s Not Fight A Fire With A Perfectly Good Extinguisher…Because The Inspection Tag Has Expired!

“Strike Down” May Be Strike 3 For Obama. God Is Still The Umpire of America.

The Continued Unabashed Perverted Societal Destruction Continues With The Obama Administration. These actions will only steel God’s resolve to keep pouring out the Judgements.

“This isn’t about a trial. This is about life, and the message is you will be treated this way until you become a Muslim.”

If the Mullahs ruled America….Christians wouldn’t have a prayer; the message is clear: Convert or Die. Now doesn’t that just sound like the Devil? [Pray for a miracle of the prison walls to fall down for this American Citizen Christian man with conviction and backbone.]

Pray Like A Granny…Or Get Pinned By The Devil!

Just a 5 minute refresher dear Christian,…this is what your real strength is:

America’s 3rd Awakening Begins at New York,…But You May Not Like The Alarm Clock God Will Have To Use!

Terrific Interview From The Beginning….But Advance To 3:00 Minutes For God’s Ominous Message To America.

There are many debates on the various intereptations of the unfolding of world end-time events and the role and placement of America in Bible prophecy circles. Many believe that prior to the return of Christ there will come about a Third Great Spiritual Awakening across the land;…in that light, God’s final approach may not be unlike the proverbial wayward child, who after repeatedly receives warnings from a loving and merciful parent, suddenly is reeling from the sting of his father’s corrective lash of punishment .. seemingly out of the blue!

With two hundred years of churches, pulpits, now 24 hr a day radio, TV and in-your-face Internet preaching in America, many with visions and prophetical utterances,  just how much more of God’s patience and mercy shall we really expect to receive!??

We may need a whipping of biblical proportions. May God prepare us all….9-11 will seem like a hangnail in comparison.


If You Won’t Heed My Servants, Maybe You’ll Heed My Cosmos!…signed, GOD.

He Is Not Playing.

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