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DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

Say Your Prayers and Tighten Your Belts….In fact, better buy a few more….preferably with bullets!

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse.


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2 thoughts on “DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    We have heard this before, and we are trying to prepare for it. But I believe this will effect the whole world if it happens and not just us. The economy of many nations depends on the US. So get ready, Marsha

    On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 11:32 PM, PalomaGenios


    • Very much agree. Been saying it for years, if the US economy takes a dump (no matter what the cause)…we’ll all be in for a long ride.

      Ever since the first Trade Center bombing in the early 90’s, the strategy has been to destroy the financial might of the US economy, rendering it ineffective to participate in major world affairs effecting Isreal.

      This is why the Bible doesn’t appear to have a prominent role for America in Israel during the final tribulation war. God himself says he will show up and then they will truly know who has saved them.

      I think it is part Judgement, and part Strategy by God’s plan.

      Nevertheless, the Bible speaks of all the ‘nations’ being ruled under his leadership during the Melleniual reign, so I believe, there will be a supernatuiral healing of the land and most of the ‘nations’ will be reconstituted, rebuilt, repopulated for the final 1000 years.

      Then we get the brand new car; New Heaven and New Earth!


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