Heaven and Earth and the Love of God

Awesome Post For Any One That Breathes And Loves America….Pray.Pray.Pray.

My Dreams and Visions

Today,02/09/2013, as I was spending time with the Lord in my car driving, I saw a vision. In this vision a saw the American flag with blood on it. It had been torn to pieces, little pieces, and had been put in either a waste can or a pail. I could feel a sense of strong grief over this. This would be Civil War once again within our country.

In 2008, at the 4th of July celebrations, I had a distinct sense in my spirit that this would be the last 4th that we would be celebrating as a United Nation.

In 2009, I had a dream where I saw the United States as a puzzle board like the kind some of us had when we were kids where we would start with an empty board that had the outline of the United states. Our parents would help us put…

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