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WARNING. Are You on Watch….Or Are You Snow Blind!?


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2 thoughts on “WARNING. Are You on Watch….Or Are You Snow Blind!?

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Gary, I want to thank you so much for the warfare book, it arrived today. I will be busy reading it the rest of the day. I just wanted to let you know I did get it and thanks from the bottom of my heart. Also, thanks for the picture of you in the airplane, it was so good, and I showed it to my husband.

    He was in the Oka. National Air Guard for 30 years before retiring. Now he drives a school bus just to keep himself busy, and out among people.

    We have a bible study in our home on the book of Romans. He has been teaching the bible for 32 years now. He has read it though every one of those years also. We study together everyday, at our dinning room table in the mornings for 2-3 hours a day. We totally want to stay close to the Lord. By the way, while he was in the guard, he traveled all over the world and brought me many things, like pearl earrings, poncho’s of many colors. and all kinds of gifts. He could go to work and come home at anytime and pack to leave somewhere else in the world to recover one of the C-130’s that he was a Tech Sargent specialist on the engines. He could be gone for a week or two, if parts had to come from the States to where ever he was at the time. He got caught that way one time in Nome Alaska in 96 inches of snow. They took several spare parts, but sometimes they just had to get one that was not on the list and it took longer. He was totally test qualified to run the engines after repairs. I had to hold down the fort at home with 4 kids. It was quite an experience, but he also brought home a wealth of knowledge about everywhere he went and lots of stories about the people, etc. He was always faithful to me also, he takes his marriage comment very seriously. He trust me and he has my trust also, it will be 38 years of marriage this week on the 14th Feb., valentines day.

    Do something special for you wife this week.

    Sincerely from your sister in Christ Jesus, Marsha

    On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 1:00 PM, PalomaGenios wrote:

    > ** > PalomaGenios posted: ” >” >


    • Wow…I bet he was based at Altus Airbase?..That’s where all the training takes place for the ‘Heavies’ (C-130’s, C-17’s, KC-135’s and the like)….I could spend hours listening to those kind of stories!….now how would I know that?….it just so happening that I picked up AirForces magazine in the airport yesterday evening to read through on my flight back…and they have a big 4 page article on its history! God’s timing.

      I am happy for you to have had a good lenghty marriage…I believe it is what God has desired for the world….but truthfully Satan has been quite a destroyer in that field…, I am not a casualty yet, but there has been been a bit of shrapnel to dodge….I pray daily for His heavy bomber angels to eliminate the enemys ground!!

      Bless you with that book…!


      Encouraged in Christ,



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