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An Appeal To The Bride!…This Is Not The Time To Divide!

Do You Know What Time It Is? New World Order. Anti-Christ. False Prophet. Dividing The Land;…..Priceless Paul Begley:


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2 thoughts on “An Appeal To The Bride!…This Is Not The Time To Divide!

  1. Marsha,

    I believe at this point anything is possible….and just like 9-11, it will occur as a schock and surprise to the whole unbelieving world. We the believers are to keep oil in our lamps.

    There is a specific ‘dark star’ astronomical event predicted for April 2 to affect the Earth …..which is also the 7th day of the Passover week feast….commemorating the Israelites day on which they actually ‘crossed over’ from Egypt through the Red Sea….so that could be very significant…maybe we are to cross over into paradise?…and who knows….maybe a new Pope installed by that date as well!

    Happy early birthday….maybe you will have your cake in Heaven this year!


  2. Hi Gary,
    The Lord is coming soon, and the date by some is March 23rd. My birthday is the 26th of March, I would be 63. 6+3=9 The number of completion and new beginnings.
    Obama is going to Israel just 5 days before Passover, and that is when Jesus enter Jerusalem, 5 days before Passover. It is said that he is going to try and broker a deal for peace with Israel, and make a 7 year treaty. Well try to away. But it is coming soon, the rapture.


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