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What Will Humility Get You?….Quite Possibly Not Deceived.


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2 thoughts on “What Will Humility Get You?….Quite Possibly Not Deceived.

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:


    If you have about 2 hours to watch the one I just watched, it will inspire you to the truth of the Bible. It is revealing and the sum what is different in the churches today, it is called, Satan’s Emergent Church Movement. It was one of those on the U tube page you had on today. The title is not what you think it is please take the time and listen to it.

    I have known that the church was falling into to different phase, but I now know what it is, and what this man says is so true what is happening to our churches. The churches are falling away from the truth.

    My husband and I just left the church 3 weeks ago. We are both spirit filled Christians, and I was brought up in this church for 62 years.

    But our new pastor is also a Mason, and double minded. We could not stay there, as the Lord was telling us both, “Come out from among them”. We found out when the preacher kept wanting to come see us at our home, that he was bringing others to reprimand us on teaching the truths of the scripture. So we cancelled our meeting and he called to make another meeting and my husband told him, “We are leaving the church because of the Evil going on there.” He hung up and my husband turned to me and said, that was not what he thought he was going to say. I realized that the Holy Spirit made him say that. Remember when the Lord said not to worry about what to say when brought before magistrates, that He would tell us what to say. I truly say that was what happened. We are looking for a new church, but we moved the bible study to our home now. So many churches are apostate now, it breaks my heart, but it is Satanic infiltration into the churches. They no longer talk about the coming of the Lord, or the Tribulation coming onto the earth. They do not teach Salvation only in Jesus Christ, and against sin. I knew it would be worse in the end times, but I never thought it would reach the church I had gone to for a life time.

    I have to break myself from it, and I know there are still good people there that don’t know what is coming.

    Pray for us, Sincerely, in His Love, Marsha On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 12:24 PM, PalomaGenios


    • Will get a chance soon to review that….

      I am not surprised, I saw it happen several years ago in the Niagara region with Pastor Peter Youngren church ….virtually had the congregation disbanded becussev of non scriptural teachings and other gross infedilities ….and either than repent and fully step down the story was, oh, it was Satan trying to destroy his ministry.

      My wife and I were asked to help start one of the splinter cell groups in their home a little whie later with an associate pastor and his wife who had non longer been able to serve under those teachings…..they were the beginnings of a Holy Spirit guided deliverance and healing church….which the previous pastor Youngren said wasn’t to be taught….his favorite line was, the grace of Jesus covers everything…..’.whether you sleep with your secretary and have a child with her while you are married …’

      He has since rebuilt the congregation and went on to buy a small tv station for his own ministry….and continue to pumps out split truths.

      I read once somewhere that the end time churches would be cell groups all over….not big or expansive churches or ministry organizations….although I do financially support many direct church based relief operations VIA mail.

      John Paul , in one of his prophecies noted that many large churches would fall and crumble because as he said….”size dies not equal anointing”.

      Deception will creep in very craftily. Once the big operations fail, many of theses people who believed in their size will fall away with it because the core messages of repentance, humility, holiness, serving, set apartness, etc are very strikingly different from ‘programs’ to build membership.

      I don’t say that many mainline church folks are going to hell, but as you can witness, short of Christ making and early ‘withdrawal’ from the bank of Earth, many of us who believe we are of the chosen, will witness more and more will see our ‘interest’ ground to a pulp. In the process, those who are weak any bullt there faith on a lie , will capitulate, and ….”stay in a church environment that is being infiltrated by doctrines of demons”….and continue to fight the Holy Spirit motivations to get out.

      Thank God for your wisdom. Hang on….2013 I think will be a douzzy for churches!!

      In Wisdom,



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