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Aliens? Really. You Can’t Fool Us…We’re On To Your Deception.

Don’t Let Satan Pull The Grey Wool Over Your Eyes.


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One thought on “Aliens? Really. You Can’t Fool Us…We’re On To Your Deception.

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Gary,

    The Anaki they are talking about are actually the Fallen Angels, that came to women and show them magic and other things to persuade them to be their wives, and made the Nephilim, hoping to leave an imprint on the genetics’ of mankind for satan. They fooled them and their offspring were the giants in the land. The bed of Anaka was 15 feet long. They were destroyed in the flood, but more came after the flood that Joshua and his armies of the Hebrews did slay. They had to destroy many villages of them and others that fought with some of the people back then. The spies were originally said they looked like grasshoppers compared to the giants. Fear is what caused them to go back into the dessert for 40 more years. They invoked the wrath of God and He sent them back out and all of that generation died in the dessert. It was well known that they also dwelt with some of the other tribes and are responsible for many of the pagan gods then and that even have carried over to today. The think they have been enlightened but they are deceived. Of course they find this stuff on pagan people’s writings and it was all started by Nimrod. I read the Two Babylon’s book and my husband is reading it now.

    I will stay with the Bible and God’s word, Jesus Christ, and what the prophets were told in the Old Testament. I am a believer in God Almighty as our maker, not some pagan writing on a wall found somewhere.

    I read the book by J.R. Church who has died from cancer, but was a great man of the Bible and Prophesy. The book is call the “Daniel Reveal the Blood Line of the Anti-Christ”. I just started it two days ago and half almost read half the book. It is very enlightening as to what Daniel has revealed. If you can find it read it. It was one he finished while in his last days. He is the maker of Prophesy In The News magazine along with Gary Stearman. Gary took over the program after he passed away. They do a wonderful job revealing what is going on now. Gary is getting up in age also, and I just hope we all rapture before some of the great men of God pass on. The whole world is corrupted now and if just has to be a short time now.

    God Bless and Keep you, Marsha On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 9:52 PM, PalomaGenios


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