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Violent Teen ‘flash mobs’ Baffle Cities

As prophecied in-depth last year on John Paul Jackson’ site. The continual ramping up of the breakdown of society via increasingly violent and dangerous mob rioting.

To date it has been mild. Once the tipping point is reached,: (a new 9-11 dirty bomb event; a national political tragedy, the real stock-market financial implosion, a massive Japan-type tsunami, volcano, and or earthquake….), well, you get the point; it will be all out mob asymetrical homeland warefare. That’s when being baffled really starts.

Violent teen ‘flash mobs’ baffle cities.

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2 thoughts on “Violent Teen ‘flash mobs’ Baffle Cities

  1. Glad to hear from you Marsha ….and yes we. pray for a miracle , or at minimum a doctor who has a miracle skilset.

    I have made full preparations since last September. Time willing, a few larger items to get in place and I can hold out for at least a year if I had to.

    No country will go unpunished…we have plenty of shameful things to hang our heads for also.

    Been trying to sell one of my condos to lighten the load as I have been carrying three properties since last September. I offer them up everyday. My wife wants me to move West, but God hasn’t opened any doors, so it leaves me in a quandary with the properties and all. So I travel back and forth a week per month.

    Chat soon. Bless your kidneys.



  2. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Yes and it could even reach to Canada by the time it is over. So prepare your family also and get some guns if you don’t have any and lots of ammo, and storage for canned food that don’t expire in two months and that will sustain you. Powdered milk, rice, beans all things that will keep, Spam, canned meats, Rationing will automatically be in place and lots of bottled water stored, as public wells and lakes could be polluted. Boil are tap water to get the chemicals out of it. I know how to do this all. I grew up in the cold war days, when all the information was let out about bomb shelter’s and emergency supplies. Also have first aid kits with a lot of alcohol and peroxide, iodine for some things. All the med’s you need daily, for heart, diabetic’s etc.

    My surgery will be the 18th of April, just in case you do not hear from me around then. The doctor said it would take about 4 weeks for me to completely heal and not to be lifting anything heavy over 10 lbs. But as soon as I can type and be on the air, I will write you and let you know how it went. My blood checks out ok, all my organs are ok, and bladder and lungs ok. So it is just in the left kidney and possibly a small amount in the pancreas. Just pray the MRI that I am having this Wednesday show less and not more. I am praying for a miracle of the Lord for all to behold. So just know that I have put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will pull me through this.

    Love to my friend, Marsha


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