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Do You Really Know What Time It Is?!

If The Silence Is Over And Judgement Starts….Maybe ‘Boston’ Is The Shot Across The Bow!


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One thought on “Do You Really Know What Time It Is?!

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    It is another sign of the end time. Both the men that did that were from Cezinah Germany, and both have terrorist ties to them. They both had training and had websites too. The youngest talked about jihad all the time on the net. They had gone to school here and there were identical from people that know them. But several called and said they know them, and were so surprised. Sleeper cells. We anywhere in the World could be hit by some of these radicals that want the Muslims to take over the world and they call us infidels. They do not like Christians either. Sincerely, Marsha

    On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 11:17 PM, PalomaGenios


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