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Now You See God Speaking. Catastrophies Pending. The Wrath of God is Upon Us.

The Great Storm and Deception in The Gulf.

The Peace Process is Underway…So is The Wars in Heaven. Prepare Your Hearts and Spirits.

Catch Up With The Purity of The Lord

Are You Ready For Your Husband?…Note, He Is Holy.

Jesus Calling His Servant Home….

Do you follow?

Serious Hour Upon Us.

Pray For Your Nation…The Obama-Nation . God Is About To Lower The Boom.

Make Sure You Abide in His Shadow.

Awesome Encouragement For Those Who Are Looking. The Great Shaking Will Begin.

Repent and Turn From All Sin To Be Accounted Worthy To Escape The Coming Judgements.

What It Could Mean When God Stops Warning.

Churchianity. (Lets Not Be Found Here).


By The Power of The Lord The Righteous Can Slay The Wicked.

Join This Corporate Prayer and Expose The Dark Forces.

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