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  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi, I believe that the Lord will come sooner. I think the world is getting bad, and Russia, China, and Muslims are planning to fight United States, Israel, and some countries in Europe’s, with all them Muslims, and it will be II War. It is coming so sooner, than later, because of the money, Christians, and the socialism. It is planned by bad peoples. So the Lord will come and take care them.

    • I agree, I am standing in gap for my wife now Marsha ,grossly deceived by a demon dressed in pastors clothing .

      Causing me much anguish.

      I am in Calgary this weekend , have my daughter finally after not seeing her .16 weeks, and praying and watering unceasingly for the deception to be broken and him exposed. He is a so called pastor who lost his acreditation with Pentecoststal Association due to a divorce, now trying to get remarried to get it back….in meantime , carrries on an unholy illicit afffair with my deceived wife.

      It is so gross and demonically inspired.

      My prayer covering senior pastors told me my covering for her is only life line now…the divorce will sever what covering remains.

      So because of this viscious attack last 40 days, I know Satan is making one last run for her.

      I had been contending for her heart , but now I contend for her soul….so she will come with my daughter and I at the Rapture.

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