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Now You See God Speaking. Catastrophies Pending. The Wrath of God is Upon Us.

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2 thoughts on “Now You See God Speaking. Catastrophies Pending. The Wrath of God is Upon Us.

  1. M. B. on said:

    Hi Gary,
    It just a sooner the Lord come and the Tribulation will start. I was talking my husband today that it is just 3 1/2 that Obama will be our president, and the Lord tell me that He is coming sooner. “The Rapture is Imminent”. So this may be He coming sooner too. The Israel president will not get land to Muslims, but some people are trying to peace covant, and that will start Tribulation, and in the middle the anti-Christ will makeup peace. Obama has been going to Israel and talk them to try make them peace and go back to 1967 land, but the Israel president have be talking not, we will not let our land out. So who know what is going go, the sun rays might hit us because Obama. I know that the Holy Spirit told me he was Anti-Christ on 2008, sense that he ok the gays, and abortion for babies, and take Bible out from militaries and other take God name out some things. Now the spirit of Satan make go into him in the last 31/2 or sooner and the Lord will come and get all the Christians sooner. Or the Sun make starting it.


    • Agree Marsha ….there are several amazing spirit led visions evrydsy atttesdting to fact God is about to make a big move.
      Am endeavoring to keep myself clean in all manners to be considered worthy . The evil that will be unleased will make Hollywood look like a cerealbox cartoon.


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