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Demonically Amazing Days We Are Living In.

This is so In Your Face for those who believe not in the devil and his vileness.

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4 thoughts on “Demonically Amazing Days We Are Living In.

  1. Thats creepy! And I agree Illuminati!


    • It is so amazingly brazen….although truthfully , with what comes out of Hollywood and MTV everyweek, can we really say we are shocked by this?

      All the conditions and attributes of the gross wickedness and rebellion of The Last Days are exactly as written….now comes the perilous times….the famines, pestilence, wars, rioting and other judgements from the heavens.

      Only those who are truly His will navigate….until the day of the rapture….after that, the real demons come out.

      God bless your site.


  2. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Well he said the Illuminati send their children to play there, and that is so satan can get in them. I glad I have not ever been there. Marsha


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