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Planets Align. Jesus Returns. NASA is Silent. Are You Absolutely Ready?


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5 thoughts on “Planets Align. Jesus Returns. NASA is Silent. Are You Absolutely Ready?

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    It might be the Lord too. So do not get scare. Marsha


  2. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Gary,
    Do you fly a airplane, and if you do could you can to Oklahoma City and we would be to go with you back, if is get bad. Just ask you.


    • I have flown as a private pilot . I am not current but went back to ground school and have to redo some hours …mjopefully out west this year….nevertheless …in a crisis I could certainly find a way…but if there is a 9/11 event God only knows the airspace restrictions they will institute

      He will make a way to protect His own.


  3. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi brother in Christ, yes we are ready and watching for Him, and also everything else in case we need to leave here and come up there….Love to you and Blesssings, Marsha I have you phone number just in case. Here is my cell phone number, 1-405-412-4302, just in case you need to get a hold of me and just tell me who you are if you call. Love you so much brother, Marsha


    • Amen…print everything out that you need because an emp blast will knock out power for weeks all over .

      Right now I am planning to be here for another week then travel west for the 19th ….and if He tarries , will fly back for 30th to do closing.

      Just met a brother online from Oklahoma City who is watching and posting on Utube strange planet or star body in sky to the west of you at dusk that is not the moon….getting closer each night!!

      Paula Marie had vision of a Light coming closer to the size of the moon then it turned out to be Jesus.

      Feel silly talking about these strange occurrences but surely something biblical is going on.


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