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Aliens. Do Not Fall For The Lie if You Are Left Behind.


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2 thoughts on “Aliens. Do Not Fall For The Lie if You Are Left Behind.

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi Gary,

    Have you heard of L.A Marzulli the man who has gone around the world looking for giants bones? He said they were the Neph that were on earth in the bible days that turned cannibals and ran out of food and died or died in the flood of Noah. But as we know that Joshua leading the Hebrew people into the promised land had to fight giants then also. Joshua 12:4,5 look them up. Now when bones are found the Museum in Washington confiscates them and they are seen no more, because they are trying to get the DNA out of them and create more giants or half human and half giant to go against others. Look how tall some of these basketball men are in places. Makes you wonder if they have been injected with DNA of the giants. That may well be what is in steroids that they take.

    All these were by products of the fallen angels, when they mated with the women of earth. Now they may still be here in the form of a regular man still mating with women that don’t know it.

    Satan’s is actually in the second heaven with his demons and evil spirits, entering into people that are not Christians to take control of their thoughts and ways. Darwinism today is totally false, that was just a theory and he laughed when he finished it telling his friends how funny it would be if people really believed his theory.

    The UFO’s are just demons waiting to land at the right moment and tell the human race that they made them and that *they can make them live so much longer with* *certain items placed in them*. Mark of the beast, and Anti-Christ, and it is coming sooner. The new Obama Care Insurance has a law in it that by 2017 all people will have a microchip placed in them here in the U. S., just another Anti-Christ move, that still make me think he is the Anti-Christ.

    We are going to see the Lord coming sooner, and I just hope it is sooner like He told me.

    Sincerely, in Christ Jesus, Marsha

    On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 5:03 AM, PalomaGenios


    • Yes…familiar with all that….supposudly, the alien thing will be the great delusion God WILL allow after the rapture to justify all the missing bride Christians…..the ensuing chaos of evrytone missing relatives all over the world will provide perfect scenario for a savior to arise to solve all the worlds problems miraculously….thus institute his new systems everywhere. The 144000 will preach against him converting millions not to accept his system while the judgements get worse and worse thtough the tribulation as you know.

      Some people I read say , we the true bride will experience some of the judgements early on to save some….just prior to the great tribulation….then rapture occurs.?

      So many have words and visions now about a rapture very soon, then another says that there will be a false rapture first?…project blue beam?….aliens ?….doesn’t make any sense ….how would they know who the bride is?…are they going to beam you up to a spaceship ? Why would God trick his own?

      Later…after 1;30


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