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The Floods of The World 2013 Style…Get The Hint?


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One thought on “The Floods of The World 2013 Style…Get The Hint?

  1. Marsha Barnes on said:

    Hi again,

    Yes we have talked about all the flooding on the east coast and in Colorado, and all the birds dying and fish, the earthquakes, etc. Yes I believe they are all signs of major changes and warning of the Lord too.

    Everything this year has been different. The number 13 is a high, high occult number along with 72 and others. My husband has studied the number meanings and we know what is different. They predicted that the red moons would be last year, but God brings them when He wants to. But the last 2 events in 1967 and 1948 both played into what was happening in Israel.

    So we need to keep an eye on it, and John Hagee gives 2 sermons on You Tube about the blood red moons, have you heard them? They all fall on Jewish festivals, there will be* two blood red moons*, the first one on Passover on April 14, 2014 then* one solar eclipse* (dark sun ), and then *two more red moons going into 2015, all on Jewish holidays.* Then it will be 500 years before they come back again.

    1. 1948 Israel declared to be a Nation again. 2. 1967 the 6 day war, against 57 Arab Nations and they defeated them. 3. Well yet to be done. All these were with the blood red moons.

    I am watching what is going on there, and not what is happening everywhere else. But many signs have got closer together, just like the birth pains of the earth, like the Word of God said.

    Sincerely, Marsha

    On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 6:10 PM, PalomaGenios


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