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When ISON Hits The Sun.


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2 thoughts on “When ISON Hits The Sun.

  1. Ah, brother, a good word to post!! My heart rejoices, and I DO believe that Jesus is coming this year- and yet my Pastor disrupted the flow of my joy today by saying that the Church is not even close to being “ready.” Well, what are the chances that the Church will be ready a year or ten years from now? Any better? I think not. If God waited much longer, the doctrines of the sons of perdition/illuminati/plotters of evil would deceive and claim many more saints!! I’m standing in Faith that He is going to bring us out of this mess, as the Age of Grace comes to a close and His Hand is removed. And if not, we will STILL serve no other GOD!! Amen. Blessings to you, your wife, and the kitty. Elaine


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