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“Strike Down” May Be Strike 3 For Obama. God Is Still The Umpire of America.

The Continued Unabashed Perverted Societal Destruction Continues With The Obama Administration. These actions will only steel God’s resolve to keep pouring out the Judgements.

University of Missouri Caving To The Devil?

Blurring The Educational Lines Between Good And Evil.

 Now It Appears The Top Tier Levels of Educators Are Paving Your Childs Way To A Doctorate With A Devils Guide In The Curriculum Calender!

Prosper Me In The Pew; Fleecing The Flock…Again.

It Must Be That “Itching Ears” Thing. When Will They Learn.

Give Your Head A Shake; You Are Pursuing Your Main Course Worship Time of God,…With A Side Dish of God-Make-Me-Rich-Like-The-Pastor?…OR, I’ll Sue!

I Was Hungry….And You Chained Me To A Pole. Another Cruel Parent Monster Story.

‘The Continuing Saga of  Demented So-called ‘Parenting’; The Incredible Damage They Do.

Another adult in the home told police that the teen was “locked downstairs because in December they let him upstairs and he ate almost an entire bowl of fruit at one time.”

“I then observed a thin frail looking male getting out of the fetal position on  the concrete floor around a steel support pole,” Officer Jonathan Stone wrote in  the report.

Have You Been A Monster To Your Child? How Will You Face God At The Judgement For Any Cruelty You’ve Inflicted?

And His Excuse For Beating His Daughter To Death…?: “…he questioned the child’s virginity.” WHAT!!! AT AGE 5!?

More Sicknening Social News From The Land That Brought Us The 19 Hijackers…. Will A Just God Really Give Us Anymore Time?!…Only a Demonically Inspired ‘Father’ Could Knowingly Do This.

WHAT!!!!, Apostasy 101: What More Twisted Evidence Do We Need. We Are Truly Living In The Days Of Lot.

New Movie Coming: 3 Parents And A Baby…, er, make that 3 Gay Parents And Their Baby.! Perversion In The Courts Waxes Higher and Higher.

God Please! Come And Save Our Kids From These Sexually Perverted Demons….’ Children Allegedly Engaged In Sex Acts With Each Other At Carson Preschool.’

Dollarhide Should Change His Name ….Because He Sure Can’t Hide His Drug Deals! Florida man arrested after pocket-dialing 911

Sure, Let’s Practice Enlightenment of Zen While We Choke To Death: Suffocating smog from China reaches regions of Japan.

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