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God Wants You To Know What Is Coming. That Is What Loving Father Does. Take Heed And Do Not Spurn This Grace.

Satan’s Sneak Attack on The Kids. Playing The Shame Card.

If You Wonder How Low Satan Will  Stoop To Radicalize And Warp Your Children’s Belief System. Unbelievers Will Consider It Like Another Day of Observation, And Elevate It Right Up There With Earth Day. You Won’t Recognize A Normal Society in 10 Years,….If We Are Here!

God Is About To Point His Finger….The Destroyer Is Coming!


A Most Sobering Prophecy. “When The Orders Are Signed…My Fires Shall Fall” .  Repent Now!

Don’t Be Deceived By The False Metrics Of The Stock Martyrs. Get Your Debt In Order.

Transgendered Child? He Is Now A She? At Age 6?!….The Perversion Is Reaching Biblical Proportions. Regarding Children, The Bible Says A Little Something About Offenders Wearing A Millstone Around Their Neck In These Cases…Including “Parents”!

If You Won’t Heed My Servants, Maybe You’ll Heed My Cosmos!…signed, GOD.

He Is Not Playing.

Greatest Prophetical Warning Ever. Is America Brutus?!

Kindly Be On Your Knees After This One…Pray Diligently For Your Country and Guidance For Your Safety.

An Appeal To The Bride!…This Is Not The Time To Divide!

Do You Know What Time It Is? New World Order. Anti-Christ. False Prophet. Dividing The Land;…..Priceless Paul Begley:

New Movie Coming: 3 Parents And A Baby…, er, make that 3 Gay Parents And Their Baby.! Perversion In The Courts Waxes Higher and Higher.

God Please! Come And Save Our Kids From These Sexually Perverted Demons….’ Children Allegedly Engaged In Sex Acts With Each Other At Carson Preschool.’

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