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Chavez Legacy: How To Become A Billionaire In Ten Years Or Less.

Take Over Your Country By Force Or Deception, Nationalize The Cash Oil Machines, and Point Guns At Desenters…(Of Course, Be Aware That God Might Just Be A Little Ticked Off And Allow An Early Death Sentence For Your Unrepetant Theivery)


Prosper Me In The Pew; Fleecing The Flock…Again.

It Must Be That “Itching Ears” Thing. When Will They Learn.

Give Your Head A Shake; You Are Pursuing Your Main Course Worship Time of God,…With A Side Dish of God-Make-Me-Rich-Like-The-Pastor?…OR, I’ll Sue!

Mysterious $70 Million Meant to Magnetize Iran?!

How Do You Forget To Declare $70 Million At The Border?…

…Ah ha!…And Just What Could An Undeclared Candelstine $70 Million Attract?

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