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Ever Wonder How Your Normal Child Runs Off The Rails? Subtle Influence.

Watch Your Children. Watch What They Watch.

Doors To Heaven?…or Entrapments From The Pit?!

There Is Only One Truth. Jesus Christ, Lord And Savior Alone. Pray, Or Be Defeated.

Psychological Frontloading…Or, How Satan Deceives.

How To Filter The Alien Deceptions Aimed At Your Childrens Minds…and Yours Too. Don’t Be Deceived.

Satan’s Sneak Attack on The Kids. Playing The Shame Card.

If You Wonder How Low Satan Will  Stoop To Radicalize And Warp Your Children’s Belief System. Unbelievers Will Consider It Like Another Day of Observation, And Elevate It Right Up There With Earth Day. You Won’t Recognize A Normal Society in 10 Years,….If We Are Here!

One Shocking Reason You Should Get Your Salvation Ticket.Today!

God Is About To Point His Finger….The Destroyer Is Coming!


A Most Sobering Prophecy. “When The Orders Are Signed…My Fires Shall Fall” .  Repent Now!

Wickedness Abounds In The Land. God Is Not Letting Up. Front Page: DRUDGE REPORT 2013®

Hollywood Circles Lament/Mock CBS Efforts At Some TV Morality.’Breasts, Buttocks, Genitals Ban At Grammys’. Can There Be No Boundaries Hollywood!?

“Everything Is Going To Begin To Change”…J.P.J. – 2012

Reposted Compilation of JPJ Prophetic Visions. Entering 2013, We Can Vividly See The Unfolding Before Our Eyes. There Appears To Be Rough Days Ahead For All, Whether Christ Returns Soon Or Delays His Appearing. The World Will Enter Some Major Upheavals; As Men Still Do Not Repent, God Will Force Men To Their Knees…To Save Them From The Eternal Fires Of Hell.

(See Feb 23, 2012 post entry this site for the awesome full 1-1/2 hour recorded presentation)

‘For This Is The Will of The Lord’: The Obama “Harsh Days” Judgements.

Is The Mysterious Obama, The Lord’s Tool Of Judgement On America?! An Edge Of your Seat, 42 Minute Shocking Prophetic Judgements Interview….{Made Before Obama Was Re-elected!!}…Get Saved!…Get A Prayer Life!… and Now!

[Sorry To Add This But: Be Afraid…, Be Very Afraid! Scripture says, ‘Fear of The Lord Is The Beginning of Wisdom’]

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