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Violent Teen ‘flash mobs’ Baffle Cities

As prophecied in-depth last year on John Paul Jackson’ site. The continual ramping up of the breakdown of society via increasingly violent and dangerous mob rioting.

To date it has been mild. Once the tipping point is reached,: (a new 9-11 dirty bomb event; a national political tragedy, the real stock-market financial implosion, a massive Japan-type tsunami, volcano, and or earthquake….), well, you get the point; it will be all out mob asymetrical homeland warefare. That’s when being baffled really starts.

Violent teen ‘flash mobs’ baffle cities.

His Last Words Should Have Been ” I Am Going To Meet The Savior!” …Don’t Wait For Your Death Bed To Proclaim It.

Don’t Be Deceived By The False Metrics Of The Stock Martyrs. Get Your Debt In Order.

Obama Military Madness. Kinda Like : Let’s Not Fight A Fire With A Perfectly Good Extinguisher…Because The Inspection Tag Has Expired!

Prosper Me In The Pew; Fleecing The Flock…Again.

It Must Be That “Itching Ears” Thing. When Will They Learn.

Give Your Head A Shake; You Are Pursuing Your Main Course Worship Time of God,…With A Side Dish of God-Make-Me-Rich-Like-The-Pastor?…OR, I’ll Sue!

Mysterious $70 Million Meant to Magnetize Iran?!

How Do You Forget To Declare $70 Million At The Border?…

…Ah ha!…And Just What Could An Undeclared Candelstine $70 Million Attract?

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

Say Your Prayers and Tighten Your Belts….In fact, better buy a few more….preferably with bullets!

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse.

Hollywood Circles Lament/Mock CBS Efforts At Some TV Morality.’Breasts, Buttocks, Genitals Ban At Grammys’. Can There Be No Boundaries Hollywood!?

“Everything Is Going To Begin To Change”…J.P.J. – 2012

Reposted Compilation of JPJ Prophetic Visions. Entering 2013, We Can Vividly See The Unfolding Before Our Eyes. There Appears To Be Rough Days Ahead For All, Whether Christ Returns Soon Or Delays His Appearing. The World Will Enter Some Major Upheavals; As Men Still Do Not Repent, God Will Force Men To Their Knees…To Save Them From The Eternal Fires Of Hell.

(See Feb 23, 2012 post entry this site for the awesome full 1-1/2 hour recorded presentation)

Bank Safe in 2013? Don’t Bank On It.

Be Wise. Eliminate Debt.

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