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What Event Could Make ArchAngel Michael Stand Up?….

Confused About The Rapture? A Terrific Compendium of Ideas.

(Frame rate little choppy but audio is fine).

Don’t. Absolutely Don’t,…..Get Left Behind.

In Fact, (Pray Earnestly About This First), But You Might Just Want To Get Out Of Dodge (America?)!

This Only A Drill!..Do Not Be Alarmed…This Is Only A Drill! … And For Just What Pray Tell? Is This The New America.

We Only Need One 9/11-On-Steriods Event For This To Become A Reality. Get Prayed Up.

Bunker Up and Hunker Down, It Won’t Be Long Now. North Korea says it will launch nuclear attack on America. (Bush Was Still Right).

His Last Words Should Have Been ” I Am Going To Meet The Savior!” …Don’t Wait For Your Death Bed To Proclaim It.

Ahmadinejad’s Jesus: Tell Us Now, Just Which Jesus Might That Be Hanging Out With Chavez? And Yes, He Is Alive, But Not At A Place Where You Might Think!

Chavez Legacy: How To Become A Billionaire In Ten Years Or Less.

Take Over Your Country By Force Or Deception, Nationalize The Cash Oil Machines, and Point Guns At Desenters…(Of Course, Be Aware That God Might Just Be A Little Ticked Off And Allow An Early Death Sentence For Your Unrepetant Theivery)


Aliens? Really. You Can’t Fool Us…We’re On To Your Deception.

Don’t Let Satan Pull The Grey Wool Over Your Eyes.

Transgendered Child? He Is Now A She? At Age 6?!….The Perversion Is Reaching Biblical Proportions. Regarding Children, The Bible Says A Little Something About Offenders Wearing A Millstone Around Their Neck In These Cases…Including “Parents”!

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