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“I, AM The Righteous Judge”: Jesus

Powerful Dream Explains Why You Do Not Have To Look Over The Shoulder of Your Brother or Sister in Christ.

How To Prepare….Or Were You Thinking You’ll Just Waltz Right In?

Sound Wedding Advice.

The Most Amazing Wedding Plan You Ever Heard!

Ever Been Confused About All The Wedding Talk In The Bible?…You Are In For A Treat. (Starts at 1:25)


Are You Feeding A Demon?

Taking Command Of Your Life…Before The Demons Do.

Prophetically Speaking…The War Is On.

A Accurate Name For This Channel Could Be GNN: God’s News Network…”Know the news, before it happens!”

Speak. For Your Servant Hears.

…Or, The 7-Minute Manager On Effective Prayer!

Doors To Heaven?…or Entrapments From The Pit?!

There Is Only One Truth. Jesus Christ, Lord And Savior Alone. Pray, Or Be Defeated.

Don’t Develop Your Rapture Theology From The U-tube Truck Driver or Car Mechanic!. Let a Loos’ianna Preacher Tell You The Way It Is!

Pre? Post? Mid? or Not At All?…CommonSense and Logic;The Real Deal Rapture Theology.

Measuring Your Worth By God’s Standards. You May Be Worth More Than It Appears.

Incredible. This Will Put Your Pain In Perspective.

Are You Getting Out of Egypt?…

Your Red Sea Experience May Be Just Ahead.

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