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And You Wonder Why There Will Be An All Out War Between The Muslims and The Christians One Day! This Is The Despicable Blashphemy That Is Taught In Egypt!

The Worship Of Jesus Originates From A Body Part – And Christian Women Have A Better Use For Dogs. (Islamic 1:40 video with subtitles)




Will China Come Looking For The Spoils?

For Those Weak In The Faith, This Prophecy May Be A Little Disconcerting To Listen To. Be Advised That Like America, God Loved Ancient Israel Completely And Allowed It To Rise To Incredible Prominence, Before Such A Gross Stench of Unabashed Sins Reached To High Heaven, That He Allowed Israel To Be Invaded….and Plundered!! We Now Have Enemies With Nuclear Weapons…How Much More Wicked Have We Become?…And To Not Expect To Receive The Same Fate? Only Pride Will Say It Won’t Be So. PRAY FOR YOUR COUNTRY TODAY WITH WAILING AND SACKCLOTH.

Aliens? Really. You Can’t Fool Us…We’re On To Your Deception.

Don’t Let Satan Pull The Grey Wool Over Your Eyes.

Is It Possible For The Elect To Be Deceived?

Give This Video 8 Minutes….And Just See If You Can Stop Watching. Is Jesus Coming Before The Great Alien Deception!???

There Is A Good Reason Jesus Said To Put On The WHOLE Armor Of God….You May Well Need All Your Faculties On Active-Duty!…

And…..A Plea From The Lord To Not Succumb To The Deception.

University of Missouri Caving To The Devil?

Blurring The Educational Lines Between Good And Evil.

 Now It Appears The Top Tier Levels of Educators Are Paving Your Childs Way To A Doctorate With A Devils Guide In The Curriculum Calender!

I Was Hungry….And You Chained Me To A Pole. Another Cruel Parent Monster Story.

‘The Continuing Saga of  Demented So-called ‘Parenting’; The Incredible Damage They Do.

Another adult in the home told police that the teen was “locked downstairs because in December they let him upstairs and he ate almost an entire bowl of fruit at one time.”

“I then observed a thin frail looking male getting out of the fetal position on  the concrete floor around a steel support pole,” Officer Jonathan Stone wrote in  the report.

Have You Been A Monster To Your Child? How Will You Face God At The Judgement For Any Cruelty You’ve Inflicted?

And His Excuse For Beating His Daughter To Death…?: “…he questioned the child’s virginity.” WHAT!!! AT AGE 5!?

More Sicknening Social News From The Land That Brought Us The 19 Hijackers…. Will A Just God Really Give Us Anymore Time?!…Only a Demonically Inspired ‘Father’ Could Knowingly Do This.

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

Say Your Prayers and Tighten Your Belts….In fact, better buy a few more….preferably with bullets!

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse.

How Demonically Low Can Man Go?…Do We Know What Time It Is?

What A Famine Will Drive A Man To Do.

While We Eat Our Dinner Everynight And Complain About Politics, This Is Actually Really Happening On The Same Planet. God Help Us/Save Us From Where We Are Headed.

Is There A Wolf In Your Midst!?

Read Your Bible. Test The Spirits. And,… Trust No Man!

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