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Doors To Heaven?…or Entrapments From The Pit?!

There Is Only One Truth. Jesus Christ, Lord And Savior Alone. Pray, Or Be Defeated.

Euphrates Is Drying Up!…And Guess What?…Oh, It’s Still Man’s Fault; Will Scientists And Tree Huggers Ever Read The Bible?

Folks. Wake Up Before You Get Baked Up! LISTEN To All The Multiple Signs From God Trying To Get Your Attention!! He Is Telling You: “I AM Coming For You Soon. The Rest Of The World Is About To Get A Visit From Uncle RALPH, Aunt BULAH And An Army Of Pitch-Forked Fire-Breathing Conscripts From WorldOrder One. You’d Be Better Off Not Being Here When They Arrive”!

44 Year Old Prophetic Reading. A Most Sobering and Frightening Reality At Our Doorstep.

Any Scoffers Now!?…Time To Read Proverbs 29.1

ILLuminati TV!?…Occult Out Of The Closet…Now At Your Fingertips On Your Remote. ILL Is The Operative Word.

Ever Wonder Why You Feel Ill Watching TV?….THE SPIRIT OF REBELLION IS NOW OUT OF THE SHADOWS…..It Launched When?…October 31st Of Course! The Abyss Is Being Opened.

THE LAST DAYS Are VERY MUCH UPON US!…THIS IS SHOCKING!…HOW MUCH TIME WILL GOD GIVE US?!…The Next Ten Years Will Become Very Treacherous For Seekers Of God’s Son.

Venus: June 5, 2012. Understanding The New Age and Satanic Influences.

New Age Astrologist Completely Devoid Of The Knowledge Of God. Says Venus Will Bring “Blessings to the Earth” On June 5, 2012. He Has No Idea Just What Kind Of ‘Blessings’ The Worship Of A Pentegram Will Unleash!

EPA, Obama and NASCAR? More Meddling By GreenHouse Motors. Will There Be Anything Real Left In 5 Years!?

Obama to Stewart: “We’re softening up the fans; Prius coming next season.”

The Last Gravediggers and The Last Days of America.

Stunning, Shocking, Sobering Interview With An Economist And Historian. (Watch it to the end -36 min.).

If You Are Not A Believer In The Incredibly Suspicious Changes Around The World and Across America Over The Last 3 Years You Will Be A Believer After This.

Let’s Pray God Gets To You Before The Gravediggers Do!

America Dodged An Environmental Missile By Not Electing This Guy!… Cindy Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ Comes To Mind.

“**&(_^%^ #$$%# $%^^”…And Other Words You Shouldn’t Say On TV!

EPA Gladiators:The Old Roman Way.

Well, Like We Are Not Surprised. Who Needs Islamic Jihadist Enemies When The EPA Rules The Soil?!…..

While The Country Suffers The Crucifying Impact Of “Don’t Touch My Tree Environmental Nonsense”, The Populace Is Being Forced-Fed At The Pumps Into Paying For Imported Domestic Revenue-Depleting Energy Solutions; And The Falsified MSM-Fed Oil-Scarcity Drum Beat Continues To Pump Up The EPA-Led Environmental Activism. And Thus, The EPA Gladiators Don Their Gear And Nail To The Cross Another Round Of Domestic GDP-Producing, Job-Creating, $2.50/Gallon-At-The-Pump-Save-Our-Economy Energy Oil Strikes!

God Uses ‘GRACE’ To Debunk Climate Change!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The Nature report offered the first comprehensive study of the world’s glaciers and ice caps, using GRACE — a pair of orbiting satellites racing around the planet at an altitudeo of 300 miles. That study concluded that the Himalayas have barely melted at all in the past 10 years.

GRACE...Does God's Work: Educates Environmentalists!

(photo: NASA)

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