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Propagating The Climate Lie Solution: The Human “Species'” Needs “Heavy-Handed” World Dictator.

...Who is Next?

Climate Change Is Not An Environmental Issue. It Is Not A Man-Cause Issue. This Is The Lie: If We Fix Up Man’s Behavior We Fix Up The Planet That Sustains Him. Climate Change Is The Mercy Of God Trying To Get The World’s Attention: Smarten Up!… Or There Will Be No Supper! (Read: Marriage Supper of the Lamb).

Although these well-meaning, well researched, study-backed slick scientific narratives have all the spit and polish of a Detroit Auto Show, until the environmental gods get their fixation off the behavior of man and on the sin-root and repentance of man, they will continue to write and promote articles that allow man to slip down an ever steepening glacial slope, into more of the yes-we-can-save-ourselves foolishness…..and as we will read, directly into the World Government dictatorial system.

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