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Dark Days Ahead. Be Like David…Pray About Your Every Move. Never-the-less, God is Still in Control.

Awesome. Understand Your Praise Power.

Bunker Up and Hunker Down, It Won’t Be Long Now. North Korea says it will launch nuclear attack on America. (Bush Was Still Right).

World’s Most Dangerous Corridor: Tel Aviv To Tehran.

America’s 3rd Awakening Begins at New York,…But You May Not Like The Alarm Clock God Will Have To Use!

Terrific Interview From The Beginning….But Advance To 3:00 Minutes For God’s Ominous Message To America.

There are many debates on the various intereptations of the unfolding of world end-time events and the role and placement of America in Bible prophecy circles. Many believe that prior to the return of Christ there will come about a Third Great Spiritual Awakening across the land;…in that light, God’s final approach may not be unlike the proverbial wayward child, who after repeatedly receives warnings from a loving and merciful parent, suddenly is reeling from the sting of his father’s corrective lash of punishment .. seemingly out of the blue!

With two hundred years of churches, pulpits, now 24 hr a day radio, TV and in-your-face Internet preaching in America, many with visions and prophetical utterances,  just how much more of God’s patience and mercy shall we really expect to receive!??

We may need a whipping of biblical proportions. May God prepare us all….9-11 will seem like a hangnail in comparison.


Greatest Prophetical Warning Ever. Is America Brutus?!

Kindly Be On Your Knees After This One…Pray Diligently For Your Country and Guidance For Your Safety.

‘Fireball Vision’. Warning From The Lord.

This 5 Minute Video Is A PowerPacked Warning!…and Lines Up With Revelation and The Coming UFO/Alien Deception. Get Saved. Forward To Your Unsaved Friends.

…Then, Compare Her Vision To This Other Work: “The Last Trumpets” U-Tube Video Series!…Frighteningly Accurate?… {Just Under 2.5 Million Have Viewed This!}

44 Year Old Prophetic Reading. A Most Sobering and Frightening Reality At Our Doorstep.

Any Scoffers Now!?…Time To Read Proverbs 29.1

And The Obama Regime Response Sings:…”Oh, Give Me Just A Little More Time…And Our Love Will Surely Grow….”. This Is Ostrich Leadership.

Isaiah 9:10. What Is Really Happening?

Get Your Sneak Peak Here:

Iranian Defiance Speaks Volumes and Volumes. The Iran of 2012 is 1938 Hitler.

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