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Dark Days Ahead. Be Like David…Pray About Your Every Move. Never-the-less, God is Still in Control.

Awesome. Understand Your Praise Power.

Euphrates Is Drying Up!…And Guess What?…Oh, It’s Still Man’s Fault; Will Scientists And Tree Huggers Ever Read The Bible?

Folks. Wake Up Before You Get Baked Up! LISTEN To All The Multiple Signs From God Trying To Get Your Attention!! He Is Telling You: “I AM Coming For You Soon. The Rest Of The World Is About To Get A Visit From Uncle RALPH, Aunt BULAH And An Army Of Pitch-Forked Fire-Breathing Conscripts From WorldOrder One. You’d Be Better Off Not Being Here When They Arrive”!

Don’t. Absolutely Don’t,…..Get Left Behind.

In Fact, (Pray Earnestly About This First), But You Might Just Want To Get Out Of Dodge (America?)!

This Only A Drill!..Do Not Be Alarmed…This Is Only A Drill! … And For Just What Pray Tell? Is This The New America.

We Only Need One 9/11-On-Steriods Event For This To Become A Reality. Get Prayed Up.

World’s Most Dangerous Corridor: Tel Aviv To Tehran.

“Strike Down” May Be Strike 3 For Obama. God Is Still The Umpire of America.

The Continued Unabashed Perverted Societal Destruction Continues With The Obama Administration. These actions will only steel God’s resolve to keep pouring out the Judgements.

Greatest Prophetical Warning Ever. Is America Brutus?!

Kindly Be On Your Knees After This One…Pray Diligently For Your Country and Guidance For Your Safety.

An Appeal To The Bride!…This Is Not The Time To Divide!

Do You Know What Time It Is? New World Order. Anti-Christ. False Prophet. Dividing The Land;…..Priceless Paul Begley:

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse

Say Your Prayers and Tighten Your Belts….In fact, better buy a few more….preferably with bullets!

DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse.

‘Hitler disarmed Germany, Stalin disarmed Russia, and Mao disarmed China.’…and Charlie Daniels Will Arm You With Common Sense!

 Matthew 24:43  [With Some Creative Liberties Taken]:

But know this, that if the goodman [Brave and Anchored Men] of the house [Country] had known in what watch [Political Administration] the thief  [President/Congress] would come,  he would have watched [been Politically Astute], and would not have suffered his house [Allowed His Country] to be broken up. (In other words the Devil, not only ‘went down to Georgia one time’, but still only comes to steal, kill and destroy;…and break up your country!)

And Just To Powerfully Reinforce You On A Few Other Countries The Devil Has ‘Disarmed’ …..

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